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Spreading the Gospel, the world over

Imagine a parish located in the Bible belt in USA web casting its Sunday sermons to religious outposts located in faraway Asia or Africa. Transcriptionwave is on to such good deeds all over the world, spreading God’s words transcribed accurately and transmitted to half the world away, all in one instant, through the sophisticated medium of the Internet.

We have a large clientele subscribing to such service from the cities, towns and interiors of USA. We routinely receive CDs and DVDs posted to our central office at Chicago and they are redirected to the nearest branch outlet for processing. Or they can be uploaded to our website and the sermons are carefully transcribed by our trained taskforce to the point of error-free web cast to a global audience.

Our special rate of $1.15 per audio minute applies to all such conversions and assignments are normally completed within 2 clear working days. Larger files can be reached by FTP along with a simple inquiry form for customer identification purpose.

Our 24 x 7 customer care center will answer your further queries toll-free at 773-800-2973 or email us to for obtaining a favorable deal that can transport your words of religious wisdom to the faithful in any part of the world, almost instantly through your web casts.

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