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Telephone Transcription Services

In the context of what is happening today and what can be forecast, it's unthinkable to consider a global business scenario without the ubiquitous telephone. It has become the lifeline of all forms of modern economic activity and can only be conceived as attaining exponential growth in the years to come.

It is no wonder then that at Transcriptionwave we are setting the pace by constantly attending to demands for telephone transcription services covering all gamuts of commercial transactions ranging from conference call to voice mail to toll-free dictations. On the competitive marketing edge, research surveys and customer feedbacks are also becoming routine for transcription.

The advantages are obvious in evolving a record of what is being transacted, for later verification or in solving any potential discrepancy.

Telephone transcriptions also render yeoman service in extending formal training to employees or in improving customer relations.

You can achieve all these objectives by outsourcing your telephone transcription requirements to us at rock bottom prices, going by prevailing industry standards. Just grab your phone and call us customer care 773-800-2973 to set the ball rolling in your favor. Excellent quality outputs, regardless of the standard of audio received and most attractive turnaround time are the added benefits that await you at Transcriptionwave.


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Our Clients

Southern Company
Charles Darwin University
DeSales University
Benenson Strategy Group
American Public Health Association
Delft University of Technology
Unity Productions Foundation
Okyanos Cell Therapy
TerraLuna Collaborative