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Transcriptionwave can prove that professional conversion of voice to text is both an art as also a science. It all depends on how much of experience and expertise goes into the task, vis-à-vis, any amateur effort.

Take the case of a doctor dictating the medical history of a patient. It is a matter of life and death and there is no room for error anywhere while transcribing it to text. Same is the case of court room proceedings and witnesses testifying where the nuances of a legal argument should not be lost in transcription. For a graduate student, it's the accuracy of class room lectures that will determine the quality of his or her ultimate dissertation or thesis.

Similarly, embedded captions and sub-titles should enhance and not lessen the quality of any multimedia entertainment. And when it comes to the whole business process, from interviews, market research analysis, earning calls and focus groups, the voice, at times enmeshed in background noise or disturbances, should be extracted with caution and accuracy to provide total authenticity to the output that we provide to customers at all instances.

Our transcribers are the pick of the lot, trained and experienced in a wide variety of topics to take up the challenges thrown at them at the transcription table. Backing them up are experts in any given field drawn from our supervisory panels who can identify any omissions or commissions and guarantee a minimum of 98% accuracy to all our voice to text transcription outputs. Can an amateur ever dream of providing such dependability to the speech conversion process, day in and day out?

And we do it almost routinely. Just upload your audio files to our website or through the FTP facility when the files are large. Add a simple questionnaire to tell us who you are and we get to work on voice conversion with alacrity.

Our 24 x 7 customer care center is easy to access, either through the toll-free line 773-800-2973 or by email support@transcriptionwave.com.

The transparency in our costing, which can be pre-verified, is the icing on the cake. We charge a standard $1.15 per audio minute and delivery is within 2 clear working days. Should there be more work to do for our transcribers due to the inferior quality of audio provided, we might take a while longer. But we will let you know the implications in time and cost well in advance.

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