Why Consider Lecture Transcription services

Lecture transcription is important at all levels of learning. In recent past, this service was being considered essential only in the institutes of higher learning. However, due to rapid growth in technology, the transcription services for lectures have become relevant in high schools, colleges and universities. In addition, transcription of recorded lecture sessions has become relevant in lower levels of learning especially for the benefit of children with learning challenges such as dyslexia. In order to get the transcripts of a high standard quality for the benefit of the learners, it is advisable to hire professional transcription services from a company with reputation. Why should you consider lecture transcription services? Have a look at the following points.

Caters for learning disabilities

Lecture transcription services are essential for learners with different learning disabilities. For example, when the recorded lecture sessions are recorded, the learners suffering from dyslexia can listen and read the notes concurrently. This makes it easy for them to learn as the condition makes it difficult for them to read and write effectively. In this case, they can access both the audio and text files of the lectures delivered in class and they can revisit the sessions many times till when they understand the concept.

Revision purposes

Lecture transcription services make it easier for the students to revise for their examination. As a proprietor of the school or the principal academics it is important to note that recording excellent results in examinations is an ideal marketing tool for learning institutions. Thus, to enable the learners to revise effectively, the institute should make arrangements to have every lecture session recorded and later transcribed. The transcribed notes are posted online for the students to access at any time from any location provided they have internet connection. This makes revision easy and effective hence excellent results in major examinations.


Transcription of recorded lecture sessions is economical in terms of time and cost. This is because the recorded and transcribed lecture session can serve both the regular students and those in the e-learning programs. In this case, the institute does not have to pay for double lectures on the same topics as the recorded lecture during a regular in class session is transcribed and posted for the students on the e-learning program. In addition, due to improved technology the students have access to digital devices that facilitates easy access to transcribed lecture materials posted online. This reduces the cost of printing the many pages of hand copies for the students.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.