How to Prepare for a Seminar Transcription

Seminar transcription is required regardless of the type of business one is running. This is because for every business to grow, the professionals involved require occasional seminars on capacity building. A seminar can be organized by inviting a speaker on a specific topic or sending some participants in an already organized workshop or seminar outside the company. In both cases, recording the entire seminar proceedings is important as the future employees and those who missed the particular seminar can refer to the recordings made. This helps in avoiding having the same seminar on the same topic hence saving money and time. However, in order to have a perfect seminar transcription that remains relevant to the business for years, here are some tips on preparing for one.

Identify the appropriate venue

In order to have a perfect seminar transcription, it is important to identify the right venue. The venue for the seminar determines the quality of recording hence the nature of transcription. It is advisable to hold the seminar for capacity building in a business in a quiet environment. Therefore, the venue should be away from a noisy shopping center, major airports, roads and schools among other noise prone areas. This helps in having recordings that are noise free and clear for the transcriptionist to hear all the details.

Acquire the right recording tools

The recording tools determine the quality of transcription done on a recorded seminar file. There are recorders that make some noise that hinders one from hearing parts of the recorded words. In addition, a microphone is necessary in enhancing the quality of the recording in the seminar as the speaker does not have to shout in order to have a clear recording. Thus, for a high quality transcription, it is important to have digital recorders and microphones way before the seminar date. Also, they should be tested to ensure that they are functioning well before the actual day for seminar. This helps in providing the desired quality for seminar transcription.

Contract a transcription company

To ensure that the seminar transcription is of perfect quality, it is advisable to identify and make an agreement with a transcription company. It should be noted that there are many transcription companies in the market but they offer varying quality of services. Therefore, it is important to identify the right transcription company with skilled and experienced transcriptionists who have a long standing history of providing uncompromised quality of transcriptions. Once a contract has been signed in advance, one can be assured that the seminar transcription with meet the desired quality.

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What can be done with a Teleseminar Recording?

Teleseminars are useful business tools and they assist in building lists used to bond and communicate with your business prospects. It can take a lot of time to plan and eventually create teleseminars, but you can get a professional to handle the work especially if you are not technically inclined. This however should not deter your spirit; teleseminars are lucrative, fun and they come with a number of benefits that you might not have imagined.

  1. Replays can be run anytime you are interested in them. You don’t even have to tell other people that the teleseminar is on replay. An audience may be on call and you can have an question and answer forum and people can actually think that you are asking the questions then.
  2. The teleseminar can be transcribed and the content can be transformed into a number of articles. You will get the basic structure that will be used to make re writing much easier.
  3. The audios can be used to produce podcasts that can be posted on a weekly basis. This gives listeners details or information that you will not have to create. Come up with a huge list of individuals who will listen to the chunks of replay and you can purchase through the affiliate links at the end of the calls.

Press releases can be done on the weekly releases or ad often as you would like. The press releases are great tools for increasing traffic and also for search engines.

The benefits that come with the teleseminars make it worth your effort. Other than assisting you build links fast they also help you get more money and also increase traffic in a huge way. You should never underestimate their power.

When looking for a professional that will work on the teleseminars you have to be very careful to chose the best so that you do not end up with something that you will regret. This is someone who should have the skills as well as the experience that is needed to produce quality work. You also get someone who will not charge you too much money so that a hole is not dug in your pocket. You can go through samples of other teleseminars that have been done to get an idea of the final product that you want. Always take time to come up with something that will ensure you get all the benefits that you deserve so that you don’t think you wasted a lot of time on nothing.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Get your Teleseminar Transcribed

Teleseminar transcription is becoming very popular and some of the reasons why this is so include:

There are very many things that can be done with the transcripts. They can be used a free report that can be handed out to potential customers. It can also be turned into an e- book which can be sold. Costs of the entire transcription can be paid by the sale of a single book depending on the length of the teleseminar as well as price of the book.

Some portions of the transcribed work can also be used on your website. This allows the search engines to pick up keywords that will be used to make it more popular. This also helps to improve the ranks of the website so that it can become more visible.

There are also very many people who prefer to read the transcripts rather than watch or listen to the material that has been posted on your site. Mostly because they would rather be sitting comfortably on a couch as they read the book with a drink of their choice rather than spend time in front of their computers. There are also some who will not find the time to listen to the entire recording and they would rather read the transcript at their own pace. It is usually advisable to offer both the options so that people can choose the ones they are most comfortable with.

Having the transcript material also helps to save the information so that it can be used for reference in the later years. Unlike recorded material which can be destroyed fast so that you end up losing all the material that you had, transcribed material can be used to store the information without any trouble. It can also be used to find some of the details that you are looking for fast without having to go through a pile of recordings to get the material needed.

To ensure you get the best transcripts always carry out a lot of research when looking for the company that will handle the project. Make sure to work with one that has a good reputation as well as turn about time so that you don’t have to wait for many years to get the finished product. You can always get reference from people who have worked with the company before to be on the safe side. It is also important to find one that is cost effective.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

6 Simple Steps on how to effectively conduct Seminars

One of the best strategies for business growth and maximization of profits is to come up with ways that will work to increase the awareness of your services and products. This is done best through seminars. The seminars are very important as they help an individual to connect with the audience in person and appeal to the prospective customers. Below you will find a few hints that can be used to conduct a successful seminar that will help the business grow in the right direction:

  1. Come up with an amazing working title- the first thing that will attract people to the seminar is the name that it is given. It is therefore important to make sure that it is interesting and eye catching. It helps if the name has a positive feel. For instance, including terms like making money and profitability instead of counting loses. Offer different methods that can be used to advance so that people can see the value of spending time at the seminar.
  2. Cover the target points- make sure the seminar has a number of basic points that will be conveyed. Covering all of them up is very important as it helps to make sure that the right information has been passed through during the seminar. Always ask yourself what are the top things that need to be covered if you want to succeed. The seminar should be structured around this information.
  3. Know the audience- it is important to have in mind the target audience so that you can hold the seminar for the right people. The delivery as well as main points differs when you are meeting with business executives or retirees. Make sure that the seminar talks to the audience as you plan it.
  4. Seminar should have effective timing- the seminar should be planned at a time when most people will be able to attend. This makes it much easier for the targeted audience to include it in their schedules without feeling pressurized.
  5. Get a great location- the seminar should feel warm, inviting and friendly thus the location should appeal to those who will attend. You can choose a conference center or popular restaurant as opposed to an office as it would be much comfortable.
  6. Anticipate questions- towards the end of the seminar, you should anticipate for questions that will be asked by the members of the audience. Make sure this are answered in the best way possible to satisfy the prospective customers and push them to make purchases.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

The Importance of Transcribing a Seminar

Have you ever been in a situation where a reporter came to you to try and have you give a brief description of the proceedings of a seminar several days after the seminar was conducted? Having short notes of a seminar is vital as having an investor make a call to you during the analyzing of the quarterly results of company. These short notes help you explain the information better and also give you a reference to back up your assertions.

Transcripts in seminars come in handy especially to people with impaired hearing. The transcripts also help people who are used to using visual aids instead of presentations in form of audio recordings. With this transcribed notes it is possible to comprehend the key areas of the presentation and also helps you recall the content of the material in a future date. Everyone understands the importance of transcribed material whether it is in finance, media, academia or medical fields.

The demand for seminar transcription services has grown in business as well as other organizations because they have realized the essence of having seminar notes .Seminars take a various forms but the most common ones are the ones chaired by a single or multiple speakers. It is important to determine whether the content of the transcription will capture the speaker’s content or whether it will also involve the interrelations between the people attending the seminar. The speaker’s speech should be well outlined so as to simplify the transcribing process when converting the speeches into text

The translation of multimedia files that were captures during the seminar into text is all what transcription entails. This text could take various formats that include a text document or PDF, Microsoft word format. These seminar transcriptions employ the expertise of quality controllers, transcriptionists, language experts, technicians and proof readers who combine efforts to produce high quality transcripts that are accurate and depict the exact speech, presentation or lecture that are dispensed in the seminar. Agendas should always be given by the organization facilitating the seminar and provision of the definitions to the terminologies being used. This information helps transcriptionists have an upper hand by understanding the terminologies being used in the seminar.

Documents prepared by seminar transcription firms are used in a myriad ways, not only as a reference database but the text can be reformatted in to books, articles or newsletters

The presentations made during the seminar are converted into transcripts that are used in numerous ways including being formatted into books, newsletters and articles. The material can then be used as reference databases.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.