Availing affordable academic transcription services

Most professors, doctoral students and academic students search periodically for affordable and qualified academic transcription services for completing their work. Such work often entails interviews for completing a dissertation. While choosing a transcription service agency, the web can be taken into scope for finding the right kind of service for meeting the requirements. In most of the cases, they not only look for accuracy, but also for affordable rates.

Obtaining grants

Many students these days are in a position to obtain grants for paying such services. But obtaining grants can take a good amount of time. Therefore, students are required to pay for services for themselves until the grantor reimburses them. Although not an immediate issue, but to pay for it all by themselves, they are required to find affordable rates for meeting financial requirements. Even if the grant is obtained i9n advance, it could barely cover specific amount. Hence, affordability is indeed of utmost importance, besides accuracy as well as timely delivery of work.

Also, they could be working on their thesis. Most of the academic transcription services offer interviews and lectures. They first conduct interviews for gaining insight of the topic that is chosen for work. Once the interviews are performed, they require to get it transcribed. As soon as all transcripts are ready for the project, then they can review all of them, to come up with a specific basis, based upon which their dissertation or thesis can be prepared. All necessary information can be obtained required from transcripts.

Finding the right academic transcription professionals

Academic student might spend a good amount of time trying to find the most appropriate transcription professionals for their work. There are several things to be taken into consideration like accuracy, courtesy of company representative, rates, timely delivery, ease of using audio transfer procedure for company, etc. Besides it, one can make use of specific transcription services by way through getting references from a colleague or student. Going through customer testimonials present on websites can also help in choosing the right one.

These days, academic transcription is regarded to be a popular type availed. Professors and students do not have much time or ability for transcribing lectures / interviews themselves. Hence, finding a good academic transcription company is likely to help in the process. Also, it is essential to note that few interviews could get conducted on the web may require one which offers translation services as well.

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Steps of Academic Research Data Transcription Process

Academic research data transcription process is very important in maintaining the desired quality. Research projects follow the guidelines set by the particular university as conveyed by the designated supervisor. These guidelines should be followed even when transcribing the collected data for the entire project to be accepted by the academic board of the University for the Degree one is to be awarded. The quality of the research transcription determines the grades that one is to be awarded by the academic board. Due to the seriousness of the paper to be written on the selected topic and the fact that one might be busy with exams preparation, it is advisable to hire a professional transcriptionist from a company with a good reputation in providing academic transcriptions. Here are some steps that should be followed in the transcription of the collected data.

Gather the required tools

In order to transcribe research data successfully, it is important to ensure that you have all the tools ready for the process. In this case, you need to have a functioning computer and headphones. If need be, you can get a transcription software, though it might not provide accurate transcription as required for the academic research projects. The computer helps in typing in the text form of the recorded data while the headphones are essential to facilitate listening of the audio files.

Be familiar with collected data

When carrying out the academic research data transcription, you need to be familiar with the recorded data. You can achieve this by listening to the entire recorded research findings for about two times without typing the data. During this process, identify the areas that are almost inaudible, presence of other sounds and expressions of emotions such as laughter or crying. This helps in getting ready for the transcription process.

Type in the spoken words

Typing in of the spoken words from the recorded research findings is the actual transcription process of research data. In this case, verbatim transcription which is word to word typing of the spoken words should be done in order to have the actual data collected in the text format for easy data analysis. In case the research data recorded involves several speakers, it is important to identify them effectively.

Listen and read concurrently

Once you have completed transcribing the entire recorded research data file, it is the time to listen and read the data concurrently. This entails going through the entire recorded file while reading the transcribed script to find out if they are the same. This gives you an opportunity to correct all the errors present in the typed script for accuracy.

In order to have an accurate and high quality academic data transcription, it is advisable to hire a transcription company. At Transcriptionwave we have professional transcriptionists with adequate skills and experience in providing academic research data transcription services at affordable rates. Contact us to benefit from our services today!

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Facts about Transcription Services for Learners

Transcription services that target learners have become popular in the academic field today. This has been favored by technological advancement that has taken most of the academic institutions online. An academic institution can sign a partnership with a transcription company that provides reliable and professional services for continuous transcripts. This is not only convenient but it is the best way to go for an academic institution. These services are also essential for the individual students especially those in colleges and universities as they require the services at some point of their studies.

Uses of transcription to students

Academic transcription services are important in the learning institutions as well as for individual students. These services are used for different purposes that include;

Provision of lecture notes

When an institution of learning signs a partnership with a transcription company, they benefit from accurate lecture notes. This is achieved when the lecturer is recorded during the lesson when all the detailed explanations are captured and later transcribed. The text form derived from the recorded file through either verbatim or non verbatim transcription makes accurate notes available in the institution’s website for all students to access. This becomes helpful for the students who might have missed classes, those with various disabilities hence slow in catching up with the lecturer and during revision.

Research interview analysis

When a student in the university records a research interview, it can only be analyzed after an accurate transcription services. In this case, the academic transcription services are used in transcribing the research interview. This provides high quality transcript that helps in analyzing the research data gathered. This leads to good grades awarded on research project paper.

Transcription of seminar

Academic institutions hold different seminars for the students. It becomes rather difficult to pay full attention to the speakers while taking notes. Recording the full seminar and later transcribing the contents helps the students to concentrate during the seminar while getting notes of the same later after transcription of the recorded seminar file.

What to consider when choosing an academic seminar transcription service provider

  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained during file transfers
  • Quality of transcription done as they must be accurate
  • Turnarounds expected in regard to urgency of the material
  • Whether the company provides various transcription services such as lecture, research, conference, school profile and presentation, for long term partnership.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Academic Transcription Service

Outsourcing academic transcription services is highly recommended for the students in all levels of higher learning. Transcription services are available today being offered by different providers. Academic transcription deals mostly with research interview that requires to be analyzed in order to compile a research project, thesis or dissertation paper on a given field. Lack of reliable transcription services leads to poor quality transcription that translates to a project paper that is awarded very low marks. Therefore, identifying the ideal transcription service provider is important as one can rest assured that the contents of the recorded interview will be kept confidential during and after transcription while receiving quality timely transcripts. Here are the advantages of outsourcing academic transcription services.

Enhanced concentration

Academic research is normally done towards the end of the university studies. This is usually the time that one has to do several sit in exams or industrial attachment depending on the field of study one is taking. In addition, most of the postgraduate students are career and family people hence having limited time for extra activities. All this explains why one should outsource academic transcription services as transcribing a recorded file is time consuming. When one entrusts a research recorded interview to a transcription company, more time is created for maximum concentration in other important issues while waiting for the delivery of the complete transcripts.

High quality research transcripts

The desire of every student is to have a quality research transcript for high grades. This can only be achieved if the research interview is well transcribed to facilitate accurate analysis. Outsourcing the academic transcription services provides an assurance of getting high quality transcripts hence top notch research analysis paper on the particular topic. This leads to award of high grades hence great achievement.

Cost effective

Outsourcing academic transcription services is cost effective. This is determined by the total cost for the transcription services offered, the quality and time taken. In this case, entrusting the recorded academic research interview to processional transcriptionists helps in timely delivery of the complete work while ensuring high quality at the best rates in the market. This is because the professional transcriptionist does not have to keep on reviewing the complete work as they are accurate due to their skills and experience.

In order to gain maximum benefits from outsourcing academic transcription services, it is important to ask for quotations from several companies for comparison services. Also, one should go through the customer reviews in order to ascertain the quality of services offered by the company.

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Academic Transcription is Important for Schools, Faculties and Students

The college experience flies by quite fast and one common denominator for everyone is how it feels like there is never enough time to get things done. However, at the end of the day dissertations need to be done and lectures documented. It shouldn’t have to be tasking for the college professor or student who opt for academic transcription.


Students working on their dissertations spend a lot of time researching and recording interviews is a big part of the process. Unfortunately these recordings have to be transformed into written documents, which is not a fun task for anyone. However, transcriptionists are skilled at doing this work at relatively faster turnarounds than you would yourself. It makes sense to seek the services of a transcriptionist freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your dissertation. Even in normal lectures, it helps to have your full attention on lectures and not have to worry about getting it all down in form of notes. Recording lecture sessions and having them transcribed solves this problem.


Students bent down over their desks or fixated on their computers taking down notes is a common scene in most institutions. This is not an ideal situation because lessons should be a time of the instructor and students to share and exchange knowledge. Faculties can help bridge this gap by providing notes in electronic form posted online. Students can thereafter access these notes and during lectures concentrate on the information being passed on by the lecturer, which often included words of wisdom that could be missed when concentrating on note taking. Faculties with multicultural communities will also serve their students well by having the notes transcribed and translated into different languages. This helps the institution offer a well-rounded learning experience for all their students.


A number of universities now provide online courses as a way of supplementing their on-campus programs. This helps them expand the student base they have while minimizing on costs. Learning materials are availed online in both audio and or video as well as written formats. For interactive purposes some institution also provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Skype calls between lecturers and their online students or between online students taking the same course. It goes without saying that having particularly the videos and call sessions transcribed goes a long way. Having these transcripts also serves as documentation for future reference for the institution’s future students. More on dissertation transcription

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