Price starts at $49/hour

Leading transcription service provider, with professional experience, advance technology and the background to deliver accurate services along with flexible pricing options, Transcriptionwave is offering top notch service to numerous clients in the US and Europe.

  • 98% Accuracy
  • $49/hour
  • 24-48 Hours TAT

Cost Effective

Price starts at $49 per hour of recorded audio. Bulk volume offer available


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We will deliver the transcripts within 24-48 hours turnaround time

Transcription Price / Cost

When it comes to pricing, at Transcritpionwave customers derive a positive advantage based on our robust infrastructure, including convenient mode of outsourcing done under strict quality vigil. Combine that with years of experience in resolving pricing issues across the board with a variety of customers, either as transcription rate per minute or as transcription rate per hour, ultimately evolving into the most pragmatic pricing policy prevailing in the transcription industry. We can proudly claim it to be flexible and affordable from a customer point of view, particularly with regard to our student customer base, and undergoing critical analysis in terms of benefits that get delivered on each and every assignment entrusted to us.

Certain parameters do count, such as the stipulated turnaround time and the quality of audio furnished. Our ultimate quote for customer recordings can be easily forecast, first by placing it under any of the 3 broad categories as specified:

Next is the classification as per the format supplied, analog (video tapes, microcassettes, standard cassette tapes and mini tapes) or digital audio/video. For each category and as per the ratio provided (based on length of audio and transcription time required) the quote will be transcription rate per minute and transcription rate per hour for digital and analog as per the following table:

Price per audio minute rate

  • Category A: $ 0.99 per audio minute for standard,
  • Category B: $ 1.15 per audio minute for standard,
  • Category A: $ 1.15 per audio minute for rush, or
  • Category B: $ 1.30 per audio minute for rush

Price per audio hour rate

  • Category A: $ 59 per audio hour for standard,
  • Category B: $ 70 per audio hour for standard,
  • Category A: $ 70 per audio hour for rush, or
  • Category B: $ 75 per audio hour for rush

If any doubt still persists, click here to access our ready reckoner rate card for ease of computation and verification or try our cost estimation calculator.


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Standard Turnaround time for delivering the transcript is 24 to 48 Hours. Turnaround time


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Transcription Pricing Per Audio Minute

Turn Around Time Normal Audio - Up to 2 Speakers Difficult Audio - Multiple Speakers
48 Hours (standard) $1.25 $1.35
24 to 36 Hours (Rush) $1.35 $1.40
12 to 24 Hours (Super Rush) $1.40 $1.50

Transcription Pricing Per Audio Hour

Turn Around Time Normal Audio - Up to 2 Speakers Difficult Audio - Multiple Speakers
48 Hours (standard) $75 $79
24 to 36 Hours (Rush) $80 $85
12 to 24 Hours (Super Rush) $85 $89

Category AProfessional recordings with Single Speaker

$59.99 Per Audio Hour

  • Broadcast Quality or Professionally recorded Audio
  • One-on-one Interviews, Lectures & Oral history
  • Single Speaker
  • No background noise
  • Neutral Accent
  • Standard Formatting
  • No Free Time Stamping

Category B Recordings with up to 2 Speakers

$69.99Per Audio Hour

  • Digitally Recorded Audio with moderate quality
  • Group Discussions or Telephone recordings
  • 2 or 3 Speakers
  • Background noise
  • ESL speakers (English as second language)
  • Client Specific Formatting
  • Free Time Stamping*

Category C Defective recordings with Heavy Noise

$79.99 Per Audio Hour

  • Any audio recordings with indiscernible voice
  • Multiple speakers with voice overlaps
  • Muliple Speakers
  • Heavy Background Noise
  • Tough foreign accent
  • Custom Formatting
  • Free Time Stamping*