Terms & Conditions

This should not be considered as a legal document in the strict sense of the term. It only attempts to specify the broad terms and conditions under which Transcriptionwave accept and execute transcription service assignments from customers world-wide.

Founded in 2003, with our main office based in North America, we have steadfastly built up a large customer base encompassing core groups such as government, legal, entertainment, media, education and healthcare. We solicit the continued patronage of our loyal customers as also from prospective customers all over USA as well as other parts of the world.

Terms of Acceptance: In the normal course, and on receipt of audio/video recordings from customers for transcription service, we assign it a category. Click here to know more about our categorizations. Accordingly, we provide our quote and turnaround time for acceptance by customers before taking up the assignment.

Please note that with regard to category C audio, particularly analog tapes, the quality is considered to be inferior and, as such, they will be processed at customer’s risk and on receipt of full payment. First time customers in all categories will be required to pay 50% of quoted rate in advance. Invoices are raised by us at the end of each month and deemed due for payment on receipt at customer end. In case of any discrepancy, customers are required to revert to us within a maximum of 3 to 5 days from the date of invoice.

Terms of Processing: For first time customers, we offer free trial output of five minutes of audio without any obligation whatsoever. It will be our endeavor to retain the standard of quality maintained in such outputs as uniform throughout our services.

It is assumed that any such sample audio provided to us represent the best in quality available with our customers. We decline to take responsibility for any "Master" or "Original" source audio and as such recordings submitted to us in VHS, DVCAM, audio cassette, microcassette, mini DV, DVD or any other form of storage device will be considered as enjoying zero commercial value only.

Terms of Liability: It is understood that we take maximum care in handling all material submitted by customers. At the same time, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused to such material while in process. This will include any loss in transit while on return shipment to customers.

Occasionally, transcripts may contain inadvertent errors caused by human failure. That will preclude inaccuracies caused by poor quality of audio recording submitted, obscure slang or regional accents, unfamiliar names as well as nouns.

Terms of Transcription: As a rule, our transcription services do not include any kind of research or proofreading, unless otherwise specified, to ensure the correct spelling of proper nouns, place names, technical lexicon or slang. We expect the client to acknowledge the fact that the spoken word is often very different from proper grammatical formations.

Even when many people talk in run-on sentences, we make the best effort to determine the proper ending of a sentence and beginning of another. Such judgments are rational conclusions at best and customers must concur that we may not be in a position to correct the grammar of the spoken word or carry out proof reading in order to maintain grammatical accuracies of transcripts.

Claims: Customers must submit any claim for defects in transcripts within 7 days from completion of assignment and proof of return of transcripts to the address provided at the time of opening of account with us, either by disc or email or by hard copy.

While we do offer 'Rush' and 'Super Rush' transcription services, normally within 2 to 12 hours at premium rates, we accept all such special TAT services at customer's risk only. In case we fail to deliver such services within the given time frame, we are obliged to withdraw any premium charged at the commencement of assignment.