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Television Transcription Services

Enter the vast and often treacherous vista of post production routine in television programming involving transcription services of various hues, we at Transcriptionwave can come clean of any pretentions.

We are at our elements in the field, as no one understands the value of television transcription like us with a rich and vast experience in providing core support to television programmers in all parts of the world.

In fact, rendering of authentic transcription services to the television and motion picture industries in a dedicated manner has brought us laurels; with in-depth knowledge of scripting requirements from light entertainment, comedy, children's programs, educational programs, sports, news and current affairs, to science and religion, in short a production range covering the entire television and entertainment field.

We have in-house transcription experts to guide you on novel styles that can be adopted, including research extension whenever found necessary.

Leading television channels and Hollywood production houses have been relying on our transcription services for time-coded stamping and B-roll footage to post production transcripts, with all captioning features in any television show taken care of with custom-made software. Captions and sub-titles, including closed and open captioning, are precisely synchronized and added to television footage.

television transcription services
television transcription

Benefits of Television Transcription

Subscribers of YouTube and Google Video get the added keyword advantage of getting indexed by search engines through a transcript uploaded with the video to either of the websites.

Apart from standard television and movie concepts, we also help you tackle the 'in' thing, reality television with panache! The involvement of more and more amateurs rather than professionals tends to make transcription requirements for reality TV an altogether different cup of tea! To support an unscripted platform with spontaneous script supplements for unplanned footage, including b-roll footage, can be provided to form the backbone of reality shows, with the surprise element fetching better ratings and greater audience for networks, compared to the by now stale sitcoms and soap operas. Research can be added to augment the entertainment value to your shows many fold.

Our standard turnaround time is between 12 to 24 hours, depending on the length of audio. Our 24x7 customer support will guide you on the exact time requirements on receipt of your audio and within that precise time, an accurate output in MS Word will be in your hands! The transcriptions consist of a cover page, table of contents, cross referenced index and the transcript with time code.

Our pricing is the most transparent one prevailing in the industry, with quality of output and turnaround time gaining in importance over cost factor. For time-stamped and time-coded transcripts, tag summary and indexing all you need to do is to mail the recordings to Transcriptionwave, either in VHS cassettes or DVDs or upload them with ease on our website to save on time. Come and try us out on our free trial offer of first five minutes of transcription, with no strings attached!

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