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Conference call Transcription Services

Alarm bells on global warming have lead multinationals to drastically reduce their travel overheads and erase the company footprints from the green gas emission route.

Result is the technically savvy conference call hook ups over telephone or web to derive the same objective of reaching out, for routine target reviews or bigger project discussions or even to impart formal training to their field staff in remote locations.

While the conduct of such conferences is becoming ubiquitous, transcribing the proceeds with accuracy for dissemination of information to all concerned within minimum time and cost is best outsourced to the most reliable outfit there is: Transcriptionwave.

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With fast and accurate form of communication as the primary objective, we can come in with our special expertise in transcribing the audio and video contents of all such conferences, big or small, regardless of the standard of recording provided to us. We realize the paramount importance of privacy and discretion in handling such assignments. Our total professional approach to performing a subsidiary role to companies, rising up to their expectations of cost and turn-around-time is only one of the key factors prompting most multinationals in entrusting their conference call transcription requirements with us.

We have trained transcription and editorial staff with a business background to match and this specialization is put to good use while handling such assignments in a secure ambience to preserve and protect the confidentiality clause.

Come to us to with your conference audio and video records in any digital or analog file formats for a faithful and discreet transcription service that will cost much less than you think. Do get in touch with us by either accepting our free trial offer or email us the first 5 minutes of contents without any obligation whatsoever. Remember we are only a phone call away, Customer care 773-800-2973, when you want to work out a special package deal right away.

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