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Focus group transcription services

Focus groups form an ideal management and marketing tool for eliciting information on any specific issue from a cross section of sample audience, with a panelist moderating over the deliberations.

The result can often be a cacophony of sound or it can take an orderly interview pattern when regulated and recorded professionally. Either way, it can be a nightmare for a transcription service agency to decipher the many accents present and denote the trend of discussions involved to effectively transfer audio to text for further analysis by experts, who are seeking the information in the first place, to determine the future corporate policies over varying aspects of any subject under analysis.

focus group transcription
focus group transcription services

Get accurate focus group transcription from Transcriptionwave

At Transcriptionwave we have developed an ear for focus group discussions so that our accuracy level of outputs has consistently remained over 98% on an average. You are invited to upload here your digital or analog recordings in any format and avail of our free trial offer for the first 5 minutes of audio under no obligation to gauge the quality and to satisfy yourself before deciding on outsourcing the total assignment to us at a positive cost advantage.

The TAT commitment is sacrosanct to us and you can rest assured of deriving the best cost-benefit ratio from none other than Transcriptionwave. Or give us a call customer care 773-800-2973, to discuss the various nuances of your focus group results before entrusting the transcription work in our safe hands. The expert team of transcriptionists and editorial pundits working with us full time will then transcribe your panel discussions with accuracy, leading to text outputs of outstanding clarity for easy interpretation by your own experts, leading to sound policy decisions by top management for implementation.

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