Why You Should Transcribe Sermons – Church & Religious Transcription

The internet provides a wide array of products and services, and soul enrichment is among the numerous products faithful go online to search for them. Several religious institutions operate websites where they post materials relevant to their faith and go online to search for the best sermon transcription service provider. So there is a need for religious organizations to transcribe their services so that firm can access them online for further spiritual enrichment.

Transcripts are easier to read and well as absorb compared to watching a video. Transcripts also allow readers to take them along on the go and read them at their convenience. It also serves as a reference point for devoted who may keep the transcripts stored on their computers or tablets.

When it comes to the websites of religious institutions, transcripts serve as a search engine enhancement tool. Using keyword rich words they can direct more faithful to their sites. The transcripts also act as content for websites and blogs of religious institutions. Maintaining a website involves ensuring that the content is always current and up to date. Religious associations might find that they do not have regular content to post on their sites and therefore transcripts come in handy when it comes to updating their site content. The transcripts also serve as a source of further dialog where pastors can engage their congregation in further discussions about the sermon of the week.

Having transcripts online also serves the primary purpose of most religious institutions which is to share and disperse the word to believers all around the world. It even goes towards the efforts of recruiting new believers which is one of the main aims of religious institutions.

Transcribing sermons also create jobs for the scores of transcribers who rely on this trade as their source of income. Sermon transcription, therefore, goes far beyond just having recordings converted to text format, but having the transcripts disseminated notably, and beyond as well as creating employment opportunities.

Benefits of audio transcription services

Audio Transcription Services are involved with the conversion of recorded information (sound from audio or video files) into transcripts (written version of spoken words).

That is, a professional audio transcriptionist (either a human typist skilled to do so, or just a computer program as we have these days), listens to the sound from an audio or video file and puts into words, everything said by the speaker. Usually, the type of transcription required would be indicated based on the following guidelines for the audio transcription:

1. Alterations in sentences to correct grammatical errors, and/or
2. Words to be omitted.

Audio transcription itself has been classified into three, they are;

1. Non Verbatim Transcription Services,
2. Verbatim Transcription Services, and
3. Intelligent Verbatim Services.

Non Verbatim Transcription is designed to omit false starts and sentence filers such as; “uh”, “uhm”, “You Know”, “like”, “You know what I mean” etc, all repeated words, stutters and stammers and all non standard languages.

Verbatim Transcription Services, as the name implies, dubs the sounds, word for word. It will includes those words or expressions normally excluded from the non verbatim transcription. Even adding action sounds such as throat clearing, coughing, and details of disruptions.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription excludes all “ums”, “uhs” and “ers” unless at the beginning of a sentence. False starts, all filers such as ” You Know “, ” like “, You know what I mean” etc, all repeated words unless repeated for prominence, all stutters and stammers, are also excluded. But it includes the non standard languages.

Verbatim audio transcription are required in various professional operations such as;

1. In court: Legal records needs Verbatim transcription services for maintaining accurate court records
2. In Insurance: Most of the insurance needs verbatim transcription for preserving accurate insurance claims
3. In Healthcare Research: Nowadays, it has become a common data management strategy and considered as an integral part for analysis and interpretation of verbal data.
4. In the Jornalism: press reports are often collected in form of voice recordings which often need to be transcribed.
5. Educational transcription is the process used by students to convert audio recorded lectures delivered by deans, professors, teachers, lecturers etc. at classrooms and halls of universities, colleges, schools etc., or at seminars, and field trips.

Back in the days, before computers and their utility programmes became regular household appliances, transcription was a difficult job, as it was mainly performed by appropriately skilled office secretaries or journalists who had to write down the speech as they heard it using advanced skills, like shorthand. The introduction of cassettes tape and portable recording devices made the work a lot easier and new possibilities emerged. These Cassettes were small pieces that could be mailed within locations which meant that for the first time, transcriptionists could have the work brought to them in their offices or homes.

But then, with the advent of the Internet and it’s business scopes, the high demand for Audio transcription services, has made necessary the accretion of websites specilised in transcription services. With a typical site charging up to 2.5USD per minute of audio sound transcribed.

Why there is a need for interview transcription services?

Interview transcription services are considered to be a fundamental procedure in conversion of verbal share of research, interviews and conversation of focus groups. Basically, this type of service works on recorded format of answer-question round by the interviewee and interviewer and transcribes same into accurate and clear text format. Transcription services are said to have their businesses designed to convert speeches, irrespective they are live into written text and electronic documents or simply recorded.

Formats used

The text entirely depends upon the type of format utilized in typing medium of analog text or digital text formats. Analog ones are used rarely these days except with few developing countries, due to the presence of few affordable typewriter equipments. Digital text formats on the other hand, include HTML output, RTF files, PDF files, MS Word documents, etc. Such documents do gain perfect help with 100% accuracy and clarity in many of its future usage.

Proof reading

Besides basic section with regards to having verbal recorded part converted into text format, an important procedure is present known as ‘proofreading’, which is again a significant portion of interview transcription services. The text document in this procedure is said to go through numerous checks by a professional transcriber. Missing punctuations, grammar, slang languages, capitalizations, spelling mistakes and listening errors are checked. Such checks are undergone thoroughly and carefully by professionals as well as language experts, so as to provide 100% accuracy and clarity as the result. Once proofreading of text content is completed, the file is then sent to owner in a secured manner.

These applications make the lay man to question as to how requires such services. Interview transcription services benefits online video channels, interviews, governmental agencies, television channels, research based reporters, freelancers, news broadcasting agencies, private offices, and others.

Reasons behind requiring such services

  • The text documents which are transcribed are easily readable, understandable when compared to that of listening to whole interview.
  • Text transcripts always are comfortable and easy when the person is seeking to publish the same on the web. It measures the best beneficial standards to post RSS feeds, posting blogs, groups, website as well as forums.
  • Where SEO is concerned, advanced search engine robots indexes very highly and understands text format much better. It assists blog and podcast owners in ranking higher in SERP’s along with keyword specifications. When transcription section is found in the blog site and podcast, it becomes easy.

These are some of the reasons as to why interview transcribers are in huge demand in the market.

Podcast transcription services: Why it is important?

Every podcast is to have a transcript. However, there are many who simply do not bother towards including them. It could be that the owners might have skipped their podcasts to be transcribed, since they are of the opinion that it is not worth the money to have it performed or simply do not understand benefits involved in hiring experienced and qualified podcast transcription services.
Reasons why one should consider having podcasts transcribed through good and knowledgeable podcast transcription services

  • Transcripts are searchable: Having the podcasts to be transcribed would effectively mean that the owner would be generating huge number of traffic to the website, since the text becomes searchable. People are likely to stumble upon the transcribed podcasts while browsing the web related to contents which the podcasts deliver. The search engines would pick up keywords. Video and audio for the show however, are not searchable, but transcripts very much are.
  • Content: It may be that the individual is not able to decide as to what is to be placed on the blog. The transcript can be copy, pasted and an instant blog is created, with no room for thoughts. One can also use their podcast transcript for creating newsletter content for the list or numerous short articles within a short period of time.
  • Creating products from transcripts: As the individual has few transcripts, then it is essential to have an e-book. It creates a good amount of revenue for the person and more possible ways towards generative revenue from the podcast.
  • Attracting huge audience: Although there are many people who prefer watching video or listening to audio, there are still many who prefer text version. They might not have an hour or even 30 minutes to devote to the show. But reading contents can take just half the time. Also, they may prefer printing transcripts for highlighting key points or go back and go through it.
  • Reference: On having handful of podcasts, the individual may remember saying something, but is not able to remember as to which show was it. It could cause the person to spend few hours trying to find time for spotting in the audio, so that a reference can be made. By having a transcript, the individual simply is required to search through text which takes a minute. The visitors also may find it useful for similar reason.

Since the benefits are many, using podcast transcription services is really worth the effort and money.

Online transcription services and its benefits

There are many who are eager to know the value derived from instant communication. The use of instant communication and audio dictation has helped online transcription services to become convenient for transcription service provider as well as the client. The latter is said to have the ability to select from wide range of services, irrespective of regional location. On the other hand, the transcriptionist can work from an office or home setting to quickly and efficiently transcribe audio reports to documentary text.

About global market place

It can be stated that online transcription services are increasing at a rapid pace. Such services are being utilized by almost every kind of industry and is considered to be critical to trade and commerce. It also converts audio files to readable text quickly. Organizations may select between general transcriptionist, delivering text with proper editing for inconsistencies, while exhibiting excellent grammar, punctuating and spelling skills or specialized transcription service.

Dedicated services tend to include legal transcriptionists, having wide knowledge base with regards to legal terminology and documents, medical transcriptionists, taking study courses towards familiarizing themselves with medical field to produce documents concerning provisions in health care in correct format. Also are present online transcription services which are known to specialize in business 0confidentiality, security measures and procedures.

Keeping translation sound

These days, voice recognition software is being used on a big scale as simple means to have voice converted to text. The issue is, voice recognition is completely not accurate. Although the software is trained to understand the individual’s speech, it still can get confused by legal structure or medical terms and may change it.

The other requirements which organizations have are foreign language translations. Unlike native people, bilingual people may not be able to adept at written features of second language. Written skills are provided by general transcription services for editing foreign language text to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Presenting correct image on the web

Professional text documentation needs excellent vocabulary and communication skills, correct formatting as well as very strong knowledge base in document structure. The specialized web transcriptionists are said to possess curriculum background in chosen domain for web transcription. When Universities, agencies, organizations along with other facilities desire to share text documentation with one another, they need precision and clarity. It tends to distract from professional image when errors are noticed in text, the reason why it is the transcription service provider who can offer reliable source to have audio converted to text.

Benefits derived in business by availing audio transcription services

Audio transcription according to layman terms is regarded to be that service that is involved in having information present in audio format to be converted to another format that is generally some digital word document type. Audio file that is regarded to be the source can be any type of audio recording of over two or so parties existing in the conversation. It can be recordings of consumer groups, business meetings, product presentations as well as recordings related to classroom interactions between faculty and students.

Audio formats

The general formats in which the individual is bound to come in contact with audio files are regarded to be similar formats, in which well known music collection is, such as wma and mp3. The other used formats are wav and mov. Audio format however, is not a limitation in the real sense, except in some rare scenarios, since all such formats are said to be inter-convertible with minimum losses taking place between conversions.

Why businesses require audio to be transcribed?

Two possible reasons can be thought of when trying to understand as to why business establishments require audio transcription services. The state law may require organizations to maintain documentations related to key conversations. At times, organizations might have drafted their internal policies that need them to keep track of documented files that are related to meetings and conversations. Nevertheless, most organizations eventually would come to having some type of transcription service necessities.

Requirement for audio typing

Many business establishments, either for meeting state legal requirements or internal company policies, are needed to maintain audio transaction documents. Such audio documents are to be used later on for intentions to maintain reviewing or recording a discussion.

It is possible for the organization to handle in-house audio type sounds as required by it. It can be said with great confidence that there is much more towards transcription, than what meets the eye. Audio which comprises source information and in requirement of transcription could have plenty of things wrong in it.

Also, the audio can contain plenty of noise with pieces and bits going missing. Recorded audio may not be audible clearly. Speakers can have odd accent and there could be sudden increase in transcription requirements and in-house department might not be able to keep up with it.

Most of the issues can be done away with, by hiring audio transcription services, who are known to make use of state-of-the-art equipments, assuring clients of necessary security with regards to information of their clients. Moreover, they are well trained and experts in the domain, who can be expected to complete their task quickly.