Tips on Reducing Cost for Road Shows Transcription

Road shows transcription is required in all the business centers whether trading on products or services. This is an effective marketing tool used by a company to advertise their brands locally while investing in online promotion campaigns to reach out to customers globally. In addition, the road shows promotions can be used by the political parties to make their manifesto known to the local population. The party can record all the interactions with the people in a particular area in order to capture their expressed needs that are to be met by the party in case it rises to power. Many organizers of the Road shows shy off from transcription services as they can be rather expensive. This is due to the noise associated with the road show recordings as it is done outside. However, this cost can be reduced through the following measures;

Survey the road show route

Surveying the road show route may seem like a routine to familiarize with the area for navigation sake. While this is true, it is important to survey the type of the noise present in the surrounding. This can be known through listening and observing the type of activities in the area such as busy factories, music stores, pubs and play grounds among others. This helps in assessing the type of recording tools required to capture what is said amidst a noisy background. This survey also helps in identifying the best location to position the recording tools during the road shows. This helps in making clear recorded files for the entire road show hence less cost.

Right tools

When buying the recording tools, everyone would want to buy the cheapest brands. This would lead to saving some extra cash though there is need to bear in mind that cheap can be expensive in long term. Therefore, the cost of the recording tools should be checked in terms of their quality if at all the road show transcription is to be done. There are high quality digital devices with high definition properties. These are tools that are able to capture the exact words said clearly in the presence of the noise. They include the digital recorders and wireless microphones. These tools helps in clear voice capturing such that the transcriptionist can hear the words easily leading to lower charges.

Speak clearly

When recording a road show, it is important to prepare the speakers to speak clearly. The temptations of having casual speeches are high since it is a free interaction with the public. However, the quality of recording can be improved by the speaker giving their speech in a dictation manner. In this case, the speaker should pronounce the words clearly while avoiding complicated language that is unnecessary for the purpose of achieving the road show objectives. This helps in providing clearly recorded road show audio and video files that are easy for transcriptionist to work on thus reduced costs.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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