Benefits of Recording and Transcribing Business Meetings

Recording a business meeting and having it transcribed is essential for every organization. There is no business organization that can run effectively without holding meetings to discuss varying topics. The most popular business meetings held by organizations are board meetings, inter-organizational meetings, disciplinary, performance reviews and strategic planning meetings. In all these meetings, the participants are usually more than two with each person having divergent views concerning the topic at hand that are expressed in a very fast manner. Recording such meetings and later having them transcribed is vital for the following benefits.

Reference for arbitrators

Recording business meetings and having them transcribed is important as it provides records for reference by arbitrators. When running a business organization there are potential legal issues at any one time. This can emerge after a disciplinary meeting concerning a staff member or deal gone wrong due to agreements that are not honored by either of the parties. The recorded and transcribed disciplinary or inter-organizational meetings makes it easy for the lawyers and judges to trace the proceedings of the meetings that lead to the decisions made initially.

Provides training materials

Managers, supervisors and marketers are skilled and experienced members of staff in an organization. However, ongoing training to enhance capacity and exposure to current trends in the business world is essential. Recorded business meetings that are later transcribed provides adequate training materials for the personnel in the organization. This is because not all the staff members may have a chance to attend a particular meeting such as the strategic planning meetings with experts. This becomes a good source of training materials for the staff members who are to participate in bringing the strategic plan to realization. This is cost effective as the organization does not have to spend on training materials for the staffs.

Brings clarity in decision making

During the business meetings especially those dealing with marketing and planning, more than four members are usually in attendance. This creates an open forum for all to share their views with free interaction. In most cases, such meetings are chaotic as there might be more than one speaker at any one time. In addition, multiple views are expressed and exchanges rapidly hence difficult to grasp the best idea. Recording such a meeting and transcribing it later gives the managerial team a chance to review the proceedings of the whole meeting taking note of the points that were standing out in the previous meeting. This helps in making decisions based on clear points expressed in the meeting as they can sieve the best points by making use of the transcribed scripts. More on business transcription

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Benefits of Transcription to Small Businesses

Transcription services are essential in small businesses to day. Due to technological advancement, the world is moving fast to digitalization a fact that is evident in the business world. Traditional businesses have been replaced by online market in which meetings, products promotions and sales are made online and through the website. This calls for production of video and audio materials that are posted on the website to make the brands known to a multitude on internet users. However, online market is dynamic with stiff competition thus proactive measures are required for a business to standout and grow. Transcription services come in handy to make your business visible online. Here are the benefits of transcription to small businesses.

Launching promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns for both products and services are attractive when produced in video and audio format. This is because it gives enough room for in-depth explanation of what the company has to offer and what makes the brands unique. However, video and audio files might not be accessible to all internet users because of lack of enough time, impairment and unsupported browsers. In addition, SEO ranking is an important aspect that makes the business to be visible in the online market. This can only be successful when the contents in the video and audio files posted in the website are transferred into text format using specific keywords. The contents in the video and audio files can be made accessible to all and be optimized when the equivalent in text form is made available on the website through business transcription services.

Products demos

If you are a manufacturer of a product you know how difficult it can be to make the web visitors and online customers understand how to use the specific product. This is because in online business, transactions are done through the internet without physically meeting with the customers. Due to different barriers in one on one communication and other limitations such as limited time, poor internet connection and impairment on the side of the customer it becomes difficult for the manufacturer to explain fully how to use the product. This challenge can be eliminated by use of transcription services whereby demos are recorded in video and audio format and later transcribed to text format. This makes it easier for all internet users to walkthrough the demos at their own pace hence gaining more understanding.

Record keeping

Internet meetings have replaced physical business meetings in which a secretary takes minutes notes. When the meetings are held online, the discussions are recorded in video and audio files. In order to implement the suggested plan of action it is important to have the recorded contents of the meetings transcribed by a professional transcriptionist. This makes it easier to file the contents of the meetings while making it easy to refer to the same if need be.

Transcription services leads to growth of small businesses especially in the online market.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Importance of Business Calls Transcription

Business calls transcription is essential in ensuring the smooth running and success of the business. Unlike the traditional businesses when the participants of the meetings as well as customers had to show up physically, today meetings and transactions are done through video and audio calls. These calls are recorded for future reference though this is not yet effective as it requires a lot of time to listen to the entire call that might not be available. In addition, the call might be difficult to listen to grasping the contents quickly when the details of the call are needed for an urgent action to be taken due to noise or disturbing accent of the speakers. This is when transcription of these calls is required to keep ready the details of the call for retrieval if need be. Here is the importance of business call transcription.

Provide minutes for meetings

The business calls transcription provides reliable minutes for the meeting held. This is an advantage for the business firm as all the participants gives undivided attention to the meeting without the distraction of minutes note taking. This makes the meeting more productive while capturing every detail of discussions as the transcribed notes of the recorded meeting serves as the minutes.

Perfect and timely record keeping

Record keeping in the business essential as it facilitates for easy retrieval of important details of meeting or transaction process for major decision making. Record keeping can be difficult without transcribing the recorded audio or video meetings, transactions or intra and inter firm agreements. This is why it is important to have a transcriptionist in place to ensure that all the recorded files are transcribed perfectly and in time for reference once needed.

Marketing campaigns

In order for the business to thrive, effective marketing research and campaigns are a must to do activities. In this technological era audio and video marketing research and campaigns are the most popular ways of sales strategies. In this case, transcription is required to make the campaigns successful. Business transcription helps in easy analysis of the recorded marketing research files hence coming up with viable actions that leads to great sales.

Effective network among partners and branches

Transcription of business calls makes effective networking possible between the business partners and branches. This is made possible by recording of the meetings held online, transcribing and later distributing them among the stakeholders and those involved. This enhances the quality of communication whereby all read from the same script hence working towards achieving the set objectives.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Reasons for Getting Your Business Meetings Transcribed

There are times when keeping track of business meetings can be quite a headache especially when you have a number of audio and digital format recordings. There is a lot of important information that is usually discussed in meetings in regards to the future of the organization and other important business matters. Transcribed files come in handy when you want to review the meetings or get any clarifications and follow-ups. The recordings are transformed into Microsoft word documents that enables a person go through easily to find out all the details.

It is important to note that transcription of the meetings is very important for the business.fir this reason you can get a company that is specialized to offer the services. There are very many benefits that a person gets when they decide to make use of these services. For instance you can concentrate on other important tasks for the business as you let the professional company handle the transcription work. The transcripts can also be used to send important information to clients as well as important business partners.

Look for a company that offers affordable rates for their services. Different companies normally use different charging criterion. There are some that will charge you according to the amount of lines that have been written while others will charge according to the minutes that have been used up. There are some organizations that work on flat rates for any work that needs transcription. These services however prove to be very important for persons like, students, psychiatrists, market researches, attorneys and many more.

One of the reasons why it is important to make sure you work with a professional is the fact that your work is handled by trained experts who have experience on the job. This usually means that you expect the best results. The professionals usually have knowledge as well as the skills that are needed to handle the projects with ease. There are transcriptionists who specialize who specialize in various fields like medicine or law among many others.

Try and give the professionals tape that is clearly recorded as this makes their work easier and yu get to pay less for their services. This means that a lot of caution has to be taken when you are recording the meetings to come up with high quality tapes that will also reduce the turn about time of the business transcription process. This also reduces the number of people who will work on the project.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.