How to Prepare for a Seminar Transcription

Seminar transcription is required regardless of the type of business one is running. This is because for every business to grow, the professionals involved require occasional seminars on capacity building. A seminar can be organized by inviting a speaker on a specific topic or sending some participants in an already organized workshop or seminar outside the company. In both cases, recording the entire seminar proceedings is important as the future employees and those who missed the particular seminar can refer to the recordings made. This helps in avoiding having the same seminar on the same topic hence saving money and time. However, in order to have a perfect seminar transcription that remains relevant to the business for years, here are some tips on preparing for one.

Identify the appropriate venue

In order to have a perfect seminar transcription, it is important to identify the right venue. The venue for the seminar determines the quality of recording hence the nature of transcription. It is advisable to hold the seminar for capacity building in a business in a quiet environment. Therefore, the venue should be away from a noisy shopping center, major airports, roads and schools among other noise prone areas. This helps in having recordings that are noise free and clear for the transcriptionist to hear all the details.

Acquire the right recording tools

The recording tools determine the quality of transcription done on a recorded seminar file. There are recorders that make some noise that hinders one from hearing parts of the recorded words. In addition, a microphone is necessary in enhancing the quality of the recording in the seminar as the speaker does not have to shout in order to have a clear recording. Thus, for a high quality transcription, it is important to have digital recorders and microphones way before the seminar date. Also, they should be tested to ensure that they are functioning well before the actual day for seminar. This helps in providing the desired quality for seminar transcription.

Contract a transcription company

To ensure that the seminar transcription is of perfect quality, it is advisable to identify and make an agreement with a transcription company. It should be noted that there are many transcription companies in the market but they offer varying quality of services. Therefore, it is important to identify the right transcription company with skilled and experienced transcriptionists who have a long standing history of providing uncompromised quality of transcriptions. Once a contract has been signed in advance, one can be assured that the seminar transcription with meet the desired quality.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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