Why there is a need for interview transcription services?

Interview transcription services are considered to be a fundamental procedure in conversion of verbal share of research, interviews and conversation of focus groups. Basically, this type of service works on recorded format of answer-question round by the interviewee and interviewer and transcribes same into accurate and clear text format. Transcription services are said to have their businesses designed to convert speeches, irrespective they are live into written text and electronic documents or simply recorded.

Formats used

The text entirely depends upon the type of format utilized in typing medium of analog text or digital text formats. Analog ones are used rarely these days except with few developing countries, due to the presence of few affordable typewriter equipments. Digital text formats on the other hand, include HTML output, RTF files, PDF files, MS Word documents, etc. Such documents do gain perfect help with 100% accuracy and clarity in many of its future usage.

Proof reading

Besides basic section with regards to having verbal recorded part converted into text format, an important procedure is present known as ‘proofreading’, which is again a significant portion of interview transcription services. The text document in this procedure is said to go through numerous checks by a professional transcriber. Missing punctuations, grammar, slang languages, capitalizations, spelling mistakes and listening errors are checked. Such checks are undergone thoroughly and carefully by professionals as well as language experts, so as to provide 100% accuracy and clarity as the result. Once proofreading of text content is completed, the file is then sent to owner in a secured manner.

These applications make the lay man to question as to how requires such services. Interview transcription services benefits online video channels, interviews, governmental agencies, television channels, research based reporters, freelancers, news broadcasting agencies, private offices, and others.

Reasons behind requiring such services

  • The text documents which are transcribed are easily readable, understandable when compared to that of listening to whole interview.
  • Text transcripts always are comfortable and easy when the person is seeking to publish the same on the web. It measures the best beneficial standards to post RSS feeds, posting blogs, groups, website as well as forums.
  • Where SEO is concerned, advanced search engine robots indexes very highly and understands text format much better. It assists blog and podcast owners in ranking higher in SERP’s along with keyword specifications. When transcription section is found in the blog site and podcast, it becomes easy.

These are some of the reasons as to why interview transcribers are in huge demand in the market.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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