Price starts at $0.99/min

Leading transcription service provider, with professional experience, advance technology and the background to deliver accurate services along with flexible pricing options, Transcriptionwave is offering top notch service to numerous clients in the US and Europe.

  • 98% Accuracy
  • $59/hour
  • 24-48 Hours TAT

$59 per audio hour

Price starts at $59 for 1 hour of recorded audio or video. No hidden fees or miminum cost

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98% Accuracy

We ensure a minimum level of 98% content accuracy in what we deliver to our customers.

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24-48 Hours Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 36 to 48 Hours. Rush TAT 24 Hrs

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We follow a four stage transcription process which enable us to maintain 98% accuracy level throughout the job


In a crowded field, transcription agencies have been vying with one another to catch customer attention as the difference between the quality of service rendered by each has indeed become wafer thin. In such a scenario, and through repeat patronage as the sign of ultimate trust, customers have given the thumbs up to Transcriptiowave, a claim that can be statistically proved. Go right ahead and take count:

  • Only at Transcriptionwave you get the ultimate bargain, value-for-money.
  • Most cost-effective turn-around-time is an absolute cinch.
  • When the chips are down, our transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs will once again win thumbs down.
  • Zero-tolerance on quality checks for accuracy at every stage gets the final favorable tilt in our favor.

We have an impeccable pedigree to support such claims. Founded in 2003 and based in North America, we have steadfastly built up a blue chip customer base. Their continuing loyalty has been the touchstone of our success, providing total customer satisfaction each and every time they check in for our transcription services.

You get the best returns for every $ spent:

Whatever your transcription requirements; business, legal, entertainment media, academic or scientific research, we will have a package that best suits your pocket and time targets at the most dependable level, ever!

Transparency in pricing:

Up front, each and every customer at Transcriptionwave will have access to a clear and flexible pricing policy. Turnaround time-related affordable pricing to customers is our motto.

Quality of Service:

Understanding your language and idiom is a vital component in ensuring accuracy of transcripts. We have a large pool of dedicated transcribers, based in USA, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in undertaking even intricate assignments involving regional accents and flavor of expression. Regardless of the quality of analogue, digital or other forms of inputs that we receive and process, transcription services quality and accuracy remain guaranteed and pegged at a minimum level of 98%.

The customers need only to simply upload the desired audio for transcription services to our server to set the ball rolling. Newcomers often avail of our free trial offer for first five minutes of audio before entrusting the whole assignment to us. You can also mail us the audio and video cassettes as also CDs and DVDs to commence the process of transcription. In most instances, you will be surprised by the accurate output reaching you in record turnaround time. That is the determining factor for the cost content, leaving no room for any hassle in your dealings with us. You can verify all our claims by accepting the free trial offer right now and right here by uploading the sample audio to us.


We have taken the transition from analog to digital in our stride, while giving a happy nod in acceptance to any customer extending a transcription challenge to us. The initial output in every instance gets the 'once over' from a team of editorial panelists, supplemented by referrals to experts in the field as and when warranted.

Academic Transcription

Business Transcription

Specialized business transcription service with speed & accuracy from board meetings, seminars, focus group meetings, press conferences to earnings call.

Entertainment Transcription

Transcriptionwave has acquired expertise in providing all forms of transcription service to some of the leading entertainment production houses in USA and elsewhere in the world.

Television Transcription

Leading television channels production houses have been relying on our transcription services for time-coded stamping and B-roll footage to post production transcripts.

Online Transcription

Youtube Videos, Webinars, Webcasts and podcasts are transcribed from audio or video into text for information and research purposes with accuracy at affordable costs.

Legal Transcription

Experienced enough in providing accurate and timely legal transcription services of depositions, administrative proceedings, court recordings, interrogatories, pleadings, etc