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Verbatim Transcription Services

For once you can take the literal meaning of the word 'verbatim' and stretch it to cover audio transcription requirement in its vibrant totality.

All the uhs and ahs, false starts in a spoken sentence, stutters, repetitions and remarks, distracting speech patterns like "having said that…" , "right", and "yeah" that are irrelevant in non-verbatim transcription surface in a verbatim version. Verbatim transcription captures in text the words as they are spoken, including all fillers, repeats, incomplete sentences, random words and even the 'ums' and the 'ers', exclamations, gasps and throat clearing. It represents exactly the live conversation or speech as it happened.

No one can be considered one hundred percent articulate and to the point all the time. Across the spectrum, we have common speech patterns that consist of filler words, like "I mean", "you know", "sort of" and add the pauses, laughter, coughing, interruptions, and external noises like 'turning of the page', etc. and you can visualize the challenges faced by a transcriptionist while negotiating any verbatim assignment.

verbatim transcription

Until the required technology is evolved, the task is performed by human audio transcription which can, at best, be described as difficult. To transcribe a digital audio file verbatim, commonly resorted to in research and in legal platforms, can turn out to be a tough nut to crack and not as simple as it appears. Better that such requirement are outsourced to experienced transcribers available at Transcriptionwave.

A detailed level of transcription is important when recording speech that might be used in a legal context or when there is a need to capture the exact patterns of speech. It is the most detailed form of audio transcription available. However, it is also the most intricate form of transcription because the transcriber is allowed no margin of error in interpretation, and must capture every sound uttered.

Different Types of Transcription

We provide three types of transcription: Complete Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim and Edited Transcript so you can decide which format is suitable for your needs.

  • In complete verbatim, every cough, stutter and false start is transcribed exactly as uttered. The transcriber employs punctuation to clarify meaning, but otherwise every word is transcribed exactly as it is said.
    Other types of transcriptions are available which eliminate unnecessary phrases or filler words while maintaining the meaning of what was said. In most situations where audio transcription is being used, the detailed verbatim transcription is not required. A less expensive option will give usually the required level of detail, and produce a transcription which is easier to read.
  • Intelligent Verbatim Transcription, our default transcription format, is a popular client choice and the most cost effective service available.
    This ensures a full, accurate transcript but omits all the 'ums', 'ahs', repetitions and verbal habits such as excessive use of 'you know' and 'kind of', unless they're relevant to the content. These meaningless fillers add nothing to the context of the transcript and take longer to transcribe.
    Choosing Intelligent Verbatim ensure a much easier transcript to read, and significantly cuts down on transcription time.
  • And, finally, in Commercial Verbatim a full and accurate script is formalized and edited for readability and clarity.
    The turnaround time for verbatim transcription assignments may be a bit longer in view of the accuracy levels called for and the costs can also vary from tape to tape depending on the transfer content. Upload the tape to us for a formal quote or call us toll free for getting the best of deals in the industry.

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