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Benefits of Recording and Transcribing Business Meetings

Recording a business meeting and having it transcribed is essential for every organization. There is no business organization that can run effectively without holding meetings to discuss varying topics. The most popular business meetings held by organizations are board meetings, inter-organizational meetings, disciplinary, performance reviews and strategic planning meetings. In all these meetings, the participants are usually more than two with each person having divergent views concerning the topic at hand that are expressed in a very fast manner. Recording such meetings and later having them transcribed is vital for the following benefits.

Reference for arbitrators

Recording business meetings and having them transcribed is important as it provides records for reference by arbitrators. When running a business organization there are potential legal issues at any one time. This can emerge after a disciplinary meeting concerning a staff member or deal gone wrong due to agreements that are not honored by either of the parties. The recorded and transcribed disciplinary or inter-organizational meetings makes it easy for the lawyers and judges to trace the proceedings of the meetings that lead to the decisions made initially.

Provides training materials

Managers, supervisors and marketers are skilled and experienced members of staff in an organization. However, ongoing training to enhance capacity and exposure to current trends in the business world is essential. Recorded business meetings that are later transcribed provides adequate training materials for the personnel in the organization. This is because not all the staff members may have a chance to attend a particular meeting such as the strategic planning meetings with experts. This becomes a good source of training materials for the staff members who are to participate in bringing the strategic plan to realization. This is cost effective as the organization does not have to spend on training materials for the staffs.

Brings clarity in decision making

During the business meetings especially those dealing with marketing and planning, more than four members are usually in attendance. This creates an open forum for all to share their views with free interaction. In most cases, such meetings are chaotic as there might be more than one speaker at any one time. In addition, multiple views are expressed and exchanges rapidly hence difficult to grasp the best idea. Recording such a meeting and transcribing it later gives the managerial team a chance to review the proceedings of the whole meeting taking note of the points that were standing out in the previous meeting. This helps in making decisions based on clear points expressed in the meeting as they can sieve the best points by making use of the transcribed scripts. More on business transcription