Why have Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription is an important task when running a business. This is varied for group meetings, strategic planning meetings and problem solving brainstorming meetings that involve the participation of several people. When carrying out focus group meetings or discussions, it is important to have the proceedings recorded for future reference in decision making. This cannot be effective unless the recorded audio or video files of the focus groups are transcribed by a professional body. Here are the reasons as to why business focus group transcription should be done.

Easy analysis of discussion or meeting

Focus group discussions or meetings are essential for planning through brainstorming. The focus group involves several people who provide divergent views on a given topic. This makes the proceedings in the focus groups to be marked by active and rapid contributions such that more than one speaker may offer their opinions at the same time. Though the essence of the group meeting is to share actively, this may appear to be chaotic hence difficult to analyze the recorded files directly. Therefore, transcription of the recorded files by a professional transcriptionist is vital hence making analysis easy for an appropriate decision making.

Elimination of noise

Recorded files for the business focus group meetings or discussion are full of noise as participants are normally free to interrupt each other. The noise may also be caused by giving of views that diverts from the main topic of discussion. When the professional transcriptionist is working on the recorded files in order to transfer the contents into a text format, they leave out the segments that can be considered as noise. This entails a discernment process by the transcriptionist who focuses and highlights the most important contributions from the focus group participants. However, the noisy opinions are not trashed as the transcriptionist may include them in brackets within the text copy. This helps the analysts to decide on what to focus on in their decision making.

Cost effective

Outsourcing focus group transcription services is cost effective. This is because the professional providers of the transcription services are committed in offering high quality transcripts at the best rates. In this case, the business owner does not need to hire an extra staff to carry out the transcription tasks for the focus group meetings and discussions as the transcription company takes the responsibility for the whole process at affordable fee.

Unbiased opinion highlights

When focus group transcription services are outsourced, the opinions are highlighted in an unbiased manner. This is because the transcriptionist does not belong to the business company having the focus group meeting and discussions hence not influenced by any of the participants or a certain way of thinking. This helps in identifying the ideal ideas that leads to informed and right decision making process.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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