Facts about Transcription Services for Learners

Transcription services that target learners have become popular in the academic field today. This has been favored by technological advancement that has taken most of the academic institutions online. An academic institution can sign a partnership with a transcription company that provides reliable and professional services for continuous transcripts. This is not only convenient but it is the best way to go for an academic institution. These services are also essential for the individual students especially those in colleges and universities as they require the services at some point of their studies.

Uses of transcription to students

Academic transcription services are important in the learning institutions as well as for individual students. These services are used for different purposes that include;

Provision of lecture notes

When an institution of learning signs a partnership with a transcription company, they benefit from accurate lecture notes. This is achieved when the lecturer is recorded during the lesson when all the detailed explanations are captured and later transcribed. The text form derived from the recorded file through either verbatim or non verbatim transcription makes accurate notes available in the institution’s website for all students to access. This becomes helpful for the students who might have missed classes, those with various disabilities hence slow in catching up with the lecturer and during revision.

Research interview analysis

When a student in the university records a research interview, it can only be analyzed after an accurate transcription services. In this case, the academic transcription services are used in transcribing the research interview. This provides high quality transcript that helps in analyzing the research data gathered. This leads to good grades awarded on research project paper.

Transcription of seminar

Academic institutions hold different seminars for the students. It becomes rather difficult to pay full attention to the speakers while taking notes. Recording the full seminar and later transcribing the contents helps the students to concentrate during the seminar while getting notes of the same later after transcription of the recorded seminar file.

What to consider when choosing an academic seminar transcription service provider

  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained during file transfers
  • Quality of transcription done as they must be accurate
  • Turnarounds expected in regard to urgency of the material
  • Whether the company provides various transcription services such as lecture, research, conference, school profile and presentation, for long term partnership.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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