What Transcription Services and Career is about

Transcription refers to transferring the recorded audio and video files into written texts. Unlike the traditional mode of transcription when the spoken words were written down as they are, the transcription world has changed. Today, there are different types of transcription methods depending on the intended purpose of the transcribed piece of work as well as the context and cultural background of the target audience. In addition, the technological advancement has transformed the business world making the online market to be a popular selling and buying center. This has brought about the need for transcription services that enhances the marketing tactics for products and services online.

Skills required for effective transcription services

In order for one to offer transcription services, one is required to possess some basic skills. However, the skills do not require intense training as it would be in other professional field. In order to become a transcriptionist one should have basic skills in typing. These skills are learnt through use of the digital devices that requires one to type in some messages or some topics for an internet search. In this case, one can acquire some considerable speed through practice in typing.

In addition, as a transcriptionist one should possess some listening skills. This is because the entire transcription job requires keen listening to the spoken words in the audio and video files in order to capture accurately what has been said by a specific speaker. Listening skills can be sharpened by regular listening to some recorded files.

Adequate proficiency of the language is required in the transcription field. One cannot transcribe any file without having the knowledge of the language used in the recorded files. It is advisable for one to have expertise in both writing and speaking in at least two major languages. This is essential in case the client requires transcription of the audio and video files and later translating them to another language.

Also, the transcriptionists should have some knowledge on the cultural background spread in the area. This helps the transcriptionist to provide transcripts that are in line with the cultural believes of the target audience. This knowledge also helps in transcribing the recorded files within the required context.

Areas that requires transcription services

Transcription services are required in different fields such as;

  • Legal field- Transcription of legal proceedings is necessary as it provides reference for the lawyers, witnesses and jury for fair judgment on cases.
  • Academic field- Transcription services are used in the academic field for providing notes that match with what the lecturer talked about in a given lesson. Also, the services are important for the research interview analysis.
  • Medical field- transcription services are used in the medical field in providing an equivalent text form of the recorded medical procedure carried out on a patient.
  • Business organizations- Transcription services are essential in providing transcripts of recorded business meetings, marketing campaigns and marketing research.
  • Public speaking- Motivational speakers and other experts in conferences and workshops require transcription services in order to have texts that are equivalent to their spoken words hence making the materials available to the participants.
Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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