Online transcription services and its benefits

There are many who are eager to know the value derived from instant communication. The use of instant communication and audio dictation has helped online transcription services to become convenient for transcription service provider as well as the client. The latter is said to have the ability to select from wide range of services, irrespective of regional location. On the other hand, the transcriptionist can work from an office or home setting to quickly and efficiently transcribe audio reports to documentary text.

About global market place

It can be stated that online transcription services are increasing at a rapid pace. Such services are being utilized by almost every kind of industry and is considered to be critical to trade and commerce. It also converts audio files to readable text quickly. Organizations may select between general transcriptionist, delivering text with proper editing for inconsistencies, while exhibiting excellent grammar, punctuating and spelling skills or specialized transcription service.

Dedicated services tend to include legal transcriptionists, having wide knowledge base with regards to legal terminology and documents, medical transcriptionists, taking study courses towards familiarizing themselves with medical field to produce documents concerning provisions in health care in correct format. Also are present online transcription services which are known to specialize in business 0confidentiality, security measures and procedures.

Keeping translation sound

These days, voice recognition software is being used on a big scale as simple means to have voice converted to text. The issue is, voice recognition is completely not accurate. Although the software is trained to understand the individual’s speech, it still can get confused by legal structure or medical terms and may change it.

The other requirements which organizations have are foreign language translations. Unlike native people, bilingual people may not be able to adept at written features of second language. Written skills are provided by general transcription services for editing foreign language text to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Presenting correct image on the web

Professional text documentation needs excellent vocabulary and communication skills, correct formatting as well as very strong knowledge base in document structure. The specialized web transcriptionists are said to possess curriculum background in chosen domain for web transcription. When Universities, agencies, organizations along with other facilities desire to share text documentation with one another, they need precision and clarity. It tends to distract from professional image when errors are noticed in text, the reason why it is the transcription service provider who can offer reliable source to have audio converted to text.

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An overview of digital transcription services

There are many people who could be researching on a particular subject, which would require them to conduct interviews in details. A hand-held digital recorder can prove to be ideal for the purpose, since they are easier to manage, compact and offer the individual with crystal clear recordings. As the interviews get completed, the transcripts are to be made ready. It means, the audio taped interviews need to be converted to properly formatted texts. However, there are other things to be performed like secondary data collection, literature review and the like. This is where digital transcription services come into the picture and selecting one can prove to be a wise decision. The transcription professionals provide their clients with precise transcripts within a short period of time, thereby leaving them with plenty of time to undertake other tasks, without any worry.

How digital transcription services function?

Transcription professionals offer their clients with numerous choices for sending the digital recordings to their email, browser based encrypted file transfer, upload to secure File Transfer Protocol server. Partnering with an experienced, knowledgeable and qualified service provider can help the individual to get excellent transcript quality. The files are sure to be up to around 99% precise, since the professionals are likely to have stringent quality checking parameters in place for ensuring it. With regards to grammar, language and subject, there are sure to be no issues, since they have experienced and trained personnel to perform the transcription. Files would be formatted as specified, being delivered within time to meet client deadlines.

Other essential features provided by digital transcription services

  • Appropriate handling of video and audio files submitted in different formats
  • The qualified team helps the client to get the work completed quickly.
  • Bright verbatim transcripts that did not include unwanted utterances, noises and slang.
  • Time stamping.
  • Capability to transcribe files and accents accurately using multiple speakers.
  • Facility towards editing files at the time of transcription procedure
  • Auto search & printing ability
  • Free trial
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Complete document flow management


Apart from highly competitive pricing, the transcription professionals are likely to offer their clients with fabulous discounts on the digital transcription work rendered by them to students. Individuals can now be confident enough to present the unique research paper which definitely can leave a huge impact on the audience.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Tips on Reducing Cost for Road Shows Transcription

Road shows transcription is required in all the business centers whether trading on products or services. This is an effective marketing tool used by a company to advertise their brands locally while investing in online promotion campaigns to reach out to customers globally. In addition, the road shows promotions can be used by the political parties to make their manifesto known to the local population. The party can record all the interactions with the people in a particular area in order to capture their expressed needs that are to be met by the party in case it rises to power. Many organizers of the Road shows shy off from transcription services as they can be rather expensive. This is due to the noise associated with the road show recordings as it is done outside. However, this cost can be reduced through the following measures;

Survey the road show route

Surveying the road show route may seem like a routine to familiarize with the area for navigation sake. While this is true, it is important to survey the type of the noise present in the surrounding. This can be known through listening and observing the type of activities in the area such as busy factories, music stores, pubs and play grounds among others. This helps in assessing the type of recording tools required to capture what is said amidst a noisy background. This survey also helps in identifying the best location to position the recording tools during the road shows. This helps in making clear recorded files for the entire road show hence less cost.

Right tools

When buying the recording tools, everyone would want to buy the cheapest brands. This would lead to saving some extra cash though there is need to bear in mind that cheap can be expensive in long term. Therefore, the cost of the recording tools should be checked in terms of their quality if at all the road show transcription is to be done. There are high quality digital devices with high definition properties. These are tools that are able to capture the exact words said clearly in the presence of the noise. They include the digital recorders and wireless microphones. These tools helps in clear voice capturing such that the transcriptionist can hear the words easily leading to lower charges.

Speak clearly

When recording a road show, it is important to prepare the speakers to speak clearly. The temptations of having casual speeches are high since it is a free interaction with the public. However, the quality of recording can be improved by the speaker giving their speech in a dictation manner. In this case, the speaker should pronounce the words clearly while avoiding complicated language that is unnecessary for the purpose of achieving the road show objectives. This helps in providing clearly recorded road show audio and video files that are easy for transcriptionist to work on thus reduced costs.

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How to Get Reliable Entertainment Transcription Services

Entertainment transcription has become popular due to advancement of technology. It has become increasingly difficult for the production companies such as television and radio networks to handle production and transcription roles concurrently. This is because the technology is changing fast hence the media production industry has to up the game in order to remain relevant. This is the reason as to why hiring a transcription company has become essential in the media fraternity for them to uphold high quality for great success in the industry. In order to get a reliable entertainment transcription services, the following factors should be considered.


When a production house whether the television or radio company is in the process of hiring a transcription provider, it is advisable to check on confidentiality. It should be remembered that the contents in the entertainment industry should be kept secret till when it is aired live to target audience. Making the contents known before hand would jeopardize the aim of the production house as the competitors can get hold of the contents and owning or using them for promotional purposes. Therefore, it is important to identify a transcription company with tight security against cyber space crimes and core values that enhance confidentially on the information entrusted to them.

Speed and quality

Transcription speed and quality should be considered through the same process. Speed is essential as the files in the entertainment industry need to be launched live within a short span of time since delays even with hours can make the contents irrelevant. In addition, the speed should be go hand in hand with high quality since the contents will be viewed by a multitude of audience using the production house channel. Therefore, the ideal transcription company to partner with should have adequate skilled and experienced transcriptionists who are able to transcribe materials at a racing speed while maintaining the required high quality.

Expertise in varying fields

The entertainment production houses deals with varying programs that are aired at any one given time. This includes the reality television shows, documentaries, films, round the clock news channels, TV talks and other shows some of which requires to be translated in different languages. In this case, the transcription provider should have expertise in transcribing audio and video files in those different areas. In addition, the transcriptionist should have the ability to translate the transcribed materials in different language such that the production company is not forced to source out other professionals to translate the transcripts provided.

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Outsource Road Shows Transcription Services

Outsourcing road shows transcription services is one of marketing strategies. Road shows are one of the most popular marketing tools for products and services. This entails planned tours in different designated areas with the aim of making the products and services known to the local people. The areas to be covered by the road shows are chosen after a keen process of determining the target customers. Road shows are also ideal for political campaigns slightly before a major election. In this case, the politicians carry out meet the people tour in order to promote their manifesto to them. During a road show, a lot of important proceedings take place that are recorded in audio and video files. Here are the reasons as to why outsourcing road show transcription services for both companies and political parties is important.


Every transcription done on an audio or video file becomes relevant due to its accuracy level. Road shows are marked by rapid talking whereby the speakers may divert from the selected topic as they respond to the queries and requests from the crowd gathered. In addition, noise is inevitable in the road shows proceedings as it is an open forum with vehicles passing by, shouting from the crowd and music from the surrounding places. This makes it difficult for the one transcribing to hear clearly what is being said in the recorded file. However, a professional transcriptionist has the required skills to follow the thought system of the speaker even after an interruption and listen keenly to hear what is said in the midst of noise. This leads to an accurate transcription.

Timely transcription

Road shows should be followed by a strategic plan in the promotion of products and services. These plans are aimed at filling in the gaps identified during the road show promotion tours. The strategic plans are made by examining the gaps that requires replaying the whole recorded road show files. To avoid missing out important details, it is important to have the transcripts of the same at hand to help get the exact words said. Outsourcing transcription services for the road show recorded files helps in getting timely transcriptions as the professional transcriptionists have the required speed to deliver the complete job within the agreed time frame.

Cost effective

It is advisable to identify the right transcription company to outsource the services from way before the promotional tours. In this case did it, once a road show in a specific area is complete the recorded files can be uploaded for the transcriptionist to start working on them. This helps in getting a separate company to handle the transcription services hence allowing the staffs to concentrate on road shows. This reduces the cost as the company does not need to hire and recruit new members to cover the road shows and handle transcription processes.

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What Transcription Services and Career is about

Transcription refers to transferring the recorded audio and video files into written texts. Unlike the traditional mode of transcription when the spoken words were written down as they are, the transcription world has changed. Today, there are different types of transcription methods depending on the intended purpose of the transcribed piece of work as well as the context and cultural background of the target audience. In addition, the technological advancement has transformed the business world making the online market to be a popular selling and buying center. This has brought about the need for transcription services that enhances the marketing tactics for products and services online.

Skills required for effective transcription services

In order for one to offer transcription services, one is required to possess some basic skills. However, the skills do not require intense training as it would be in other professional field. In order to become a transcriptionist one should have basic skills in typing. These skills are learnt through use of the digital devices that requires one to type in some messages or some topics for an internet search. In this case, one can acquire some considerable speed through practice in typing.

In addition, as a transcriptionist one should possess some listening skills. This is because the entire transcription job requires keen listening to the spoken words in the audio and video files in order to capture accurately what has been said by a specific speaker. Listening skills can be sharpened by regular listening to some recorded files.

Adequate proficiency of the language is required in the transcription field. One cannot transcribe any file without having the knowledge of the language used in the recorded files. It is advisable for one to have expertise in both writing and speaking in at least two major languages. This is essential in case the client requires transcription of the audio and video files and later translating them to another language.

Also, the transcriptionists should have some knowledge on the cultural background spread in the area. This helps the transcriptionist to provide transcripts that are in line with the cultural believes of the target audience. This knowledge also helps in transcribing the recorded files within the required context.

Areas that requires transcription services

Transcription services are required in different fields such as;

  • Legal field- Transcription of legal proceedings is necessary as it provides reference for the lawyers, witnesses and jury for fair judgment on cases.
  • Academic field- Transcription services are used in the academic field for providing notes that match with what the lecturer talked about in a given lesson. Also, the services are important for the research interview analysis.
  • Medical field- transcription services are used in the medical field in providing an equivalent text form of the recorded medical procedure carried out on a patient.
  • Business organizations- Transcription services are essential in providing transcripts of recorded business meetings, marketing campaigns and marketing research.
  • Public speaking- Motivational speakers and other experts in conferences and workshops require transcription services in order to have texts that are equivalent to their spoken words hence making the materials available to the participants.
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