Availing affordable academic transcription services

Most professors, doctoral students and academic students search periodically for affordable and qualified academic transcription services for completing their work. Such work often entails interviews for completing a dissertation. While choosing a transcription service agency, the web can be taken into scope for finding the right kind of service for meeting the requirements. In most of the cases, they not only look for accuracy, but also for affordable rates.

Obtaining grants

Many students these days are in a position to obtain grants for paying such services. But obtaining grants can take a good amount of time. Therefore, students are required to pay for services for themselves until the grantor reimburses them. Although not an immediate issue, but to pay for it all by themselves, they are required to find affordable rates for meeting financial requirements. Even if the grant is obtained i9n advance, it could barely cover specific amount. Hence, affordability is indeed of utmost importance, besides accuracy as well as timely delivery of work.

Also, they could be working on their thesis. Most of the academic transcription services offer interviews and lectures. They first conduct interviews for gaining insight of the topic that is chosen for work. Once the interviews are performed, they require to get it transcribed. As soon as all transcripts are ready for the project, then they can review all of them, to come up with a specific basis, based upon which their dissertation or thesis can be prepared. All necessary information can be obtained required from transcripts.

Finding the right academic transcription professionals

Academic student might spend a good amount of time trying to find the most appropriate transcription professionals for their work. There are several things to be taken into consideration like accuracy, courtesy of company representative, rates, timely delivery, ease of using audio transfer procedure for company, etc. Besides it, one can make use of specific transcription services by way through getting references from a colleague or student. Going through customer testimonials present on websites can also help in choosing the right one.

These days, academic transcription is regarded to be a popular type availed. Professors and students do not have much time or ability for transcribing lectures / interviews themselves. Hence, finding a good academic transcription company is likely to help in the process. Also, it is essential to note that few interviews could get conducted on the web may require one which offers translation services as well.

An overview of digital transcription services

There are many people who could be researching on a particular subject, which would require them to conduct interviews in details. A hand-held digital recorder can prove to be ideal for the purpose, since they are easier to manage, compact and offer the individual with crystal clear recordings. As the interviews get completed, the transcripts are to be made ready. It means, the audio taped interviews need to be converted to properly formatted texts. However, there are other things to be performed like secondary data collection, literature review and the like. This is where digital transcription services come into the picture and selecting one can prove to be a wise decision. The transcription professionals provide their clients with precise transcripts within a short period of time, thereby leaving them with plenty of time to undertake other tasks, without any worry.

How digital transcription services function?

Transcription professionals offer their clients with numerous choices for sending the digital recordings to their email, browser based encrypted file transfer, upload to secure File Transfer Protocol server. Partnering with an experienced, knowledgeable and qualified service provider can help the individual to get excellent transcript quality. The files are sure to be up to around 99% precise, since the professionals are likely to have stringent quality checking parameters in place for ensuring it. With regards to grammar, language and subject, there are sure to be no issues, since they have experienced and trained personnel to perform the transcription. Files would be formatted as specified, being delivered within time to meet client deadlines.

Other essential features provided by digital transcription services

  • Appropriate handling of video and audio files submitted in different formats
  • The qualified team helps the client to get the work completed quickly.
  • Bright verbatim transcripts that did not include unwanted utterances, noises and slang.
  • Time stamping.
  • Capability to transcribe files and accents accurately using multiple speakers.
  • Facility towards editing files at the time of transcription procedure
  • Auto search & printing ability
  • Free trial
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Complete document flow management


Apart from highly competitive pricing, the transcription professionals are likely to offer their clients with fabulous discounts on the digital transcription work rendered by them to students. Individuals can now be confident enough to present the unique research paper which definitely can leave a huge impact on the audience.

4 reasons you should hire professional audio transcription services

Audio transcription may seem to be an easy task apparently but it is certainly a task to be carried out with responsibility. You would want the transcription to be 100% accurate so that you could use the text for a variety of purposes. As audio files run the risk of being damaged more easily than text ones, many companies are having interviews, podcasts, conference calls, etc. transcribed. The below paragraphs explain why a professional audio transcription service is best for interview transcription, telephone transcription, conference call transcription, and so on.

1. Get transcription done from experts

Companies dedicated to providing audio transcription services use exceptional tools for doing their job. These tools make the audio clear making it easier to understand and put into text format. If you did the job in-house without the use of these tools, your employee might interpret the audio incorrectly creating major flaws in the text. Inaccurate interpretation could be especially detrimental if the audio involved your client. Your client could blame you for twisting facts. With conference call transcription and telephone transcription services, you will not have to jeopardize your reputation.

2. Economically feasible for your company

Of course, when you do not wish to compromise on the quality of output, you company will need to invest on transcription equipment, software, professional/s as well as be ready to provide space for accommodating all of the above. Indeed, the investment will not be economical and your mainstream business may be affected. On the other hand, by outsourcing audio transcription, you can avoid such an unnecessary expense. The transcription services are economical and because of heavy competition, they offer competitive rates. If you have regular transcription work, then you could even choose to purchase a package and bring the costs down further.

3. Unclear audio files are also accepted

On many occasions, due to unknown/known factors the audio of an interview, call, conference call etc. does not have clarity. In such a situation, you need expert help. Professional audio transcriptionists have access to latest tools, using which they can remove elements causing ambiguity and listen to the audio properly. It ensures that even an unclear audio file gets transcribed perfectly.

4. Fast and on time delivery of product

When you hire professional transcription services for interview transcription, telephone transcription, etc., you can be sure of on time delivery. The expert transcriptionists pay complete attention to each audio file, which ensures accuracy and fast output. In case, you are in a rush, you could receive the transcription is as little as 24 hours with the guarantee of accuracy intact.

Tips on Reducing Cost for Road Shows Transcription

Road shows transcription is required in all the business centers whether trading on products or services. This is an effective marketing tool used by a company to advertise their brands locally while investing in online promotion campaigns to reach out to customers globally. In addition, the road shows promotions can be used by the political parties to make their manifesto known to the local population. The party can record all the interactions with the people in a particular area in order to capture their expressed needs that are to be met by the party in case it rises to power. Many organizers of the Road shows shy off from transcription services as they can be rather expensive. This is due to the noise associated with the road show recordings as it is done outside. However, this cost can be reduced through the following measures;

Survey the road show route

Surveying the road show route may seem like a routine to familiarize with the area for navigation sake. While this is true, it is important to survey the type of the noise present in the surrounding. This can be known through listening and observing the type of activities in the area such as busy factories, music stores, pubs and play grounds among others. This helps in assessing the type of recording tools required to capture what is said amidst a noisy background. This survey also helps in identifying the best location to position the recording tools during the road shows. This helps in making clear recorded files for the entire road show hence less cost.

Right tools

When buying the recording tools, everyone would want to buy the cheapest brands. This would lead to saving some extra cash though there is need to bear in mind that cheap can be expensive in long term. Therefore, the cost of the recording tools should be checked in terms of their quality if at all the road show transcription is to be done. There are high quality digital devices with high definition properties. These are tools that are able to capture the exact words said clearly in the presence of the noise. They include the digital recorders and wireless microphones. These tools helps in clear voice capturing such that the transcriptionist can hear the words easily leading to lower charges.

Speak clearly

When recording a road show, it is important to prepare the speakers to speak clearly. The temptations of having casual speeches are high since it is a free interaction with the public. However, the quality of recording can be improved by the speaker giving their speech in a dictation manner. In this case, the speaker should pronounce the words clearly while avoiding complicated language that is unnecessary for the purpose of achieving the road show objectives. This helps in providing clearly recorded road show audio and video files that are easy for transcriptionist to work on thus reduced costs.

At Transcriptionwave we provide timely and quality road show transcription at affordable prices.

Tips on Successful Documentary Interview Transcription

Documentary interview transcription is common in TV reality shows, discovery storytelling and expert opinion interviews carried out by the broadcast houses. These are considered as major projects that require full transcription process preferably done by a professional. This process requires keen listening in order to capture the exact words said by each speaker in the documentary without misquoting or omitting any information. In order to successfully transcribe a documentary interview it is important to follow the following tips.

Listen/and watch the documentary

To ensure that the transcription process for the documentary interview is successful, it is important to listen to the recorded audio and watching the audiovisual record. This should be done without writing anything down. This is the initial stage that helps the transcriptionist to familiarize with the entire recorded documentary and make the important preparation for the transcription process. In this case, one should identify the number of speakers involved, the possible number of sections and the subject matter covered in the documentary. If a single wrap is not enough, a second one should be done for the entire file or in specific portions of interest.

Have a duplicate of recorded file

When transcribing a documentary interview it is advisable to ensure that a duplicate of the recorded file is available before starting the process. It should be remembered that it would be difficult to repeat the interview due to short time limit between the recording and broadcasting of the interview. The duplication comes in handy in case some parts of the original file is destroyed when running the tape back and forth with the aim of capturing the exact words uttered by the speakers. This provides an alternative file to work on in order to capture the spoilt parts of the original file of the documentary.

Include time coding

Time coding is important in the documentary interview transcription. This is because the time code marks the beginning of the answer or explanation provided by the speakers in the interview hence defining the duration taken by specific answer. However, time coding requires skills and experience in transcription process. Time coding makes the interview transcription to be of high quality as required in the international media.

Thumb-nail pictures

When transcribing the documentary interview, it is important to include the thumb nail pictures in the final transcript. The thumb nail pictures make the documentary interview transcript to stand out in the entire field of international media houses. This is a difficult task for the do it yourself journalists. Therefore, hiring professional documentary interview transcription services from a renowned transcription provider is highly recommended.

Thus, get in touch with us at https://www.transcriptionwave.com for documentary interview transcription services that stand the tests of time in the global broadcasting platform!

Why have Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription is an important task when running a business. This is varied for group meetings, strategic planning meetings and problem solving brainstorming meetings that involve the participation of several people. When carrying out focus group meetings or discussions, it is important to have the proceedings recorded for future reference in decision making. This cannot be effective unless the recorded audio or video files of the focus groups are transcribed by a professional body. Here are the reasons as to why business focus group transcription should be done.

Easy analysis of discussion or meeting

Focus group discussions or meetings are essential for planning through brainstorming. The focus group involves several people who provide divergent views on a given topic. This makes the proceedings in the focus groups to be marked by active and rapid contributions such that more than one speaker may offer their opinions at the same time. Though the essence of the group meeting is to share actively, this may appear to be chaotic hence difficult to analyze the recorded files directly. Therefore, transcription of the recorded files by a professional transcriptionist is vital hence making analysis easy for an appropriate decision making.

Elimination of noise

Recorded files for the business focus group meetings or discussion are full of noise as participants are normally free to interrupt each other. The noise may also be caused by giving of views that diverts from the main topic of discussion. When the professional transcriptionist is working on the recorded files in order to transfer the contents into a text format, they leave out the segments that can be considered as noise. This entails a discernment process by the transcriptionist who focuses and highlights the most important contributions from the focus group participants. However, the noisy opinions are not trashed as the transcriptionist may include them in brackets within the text copy. This helps the analysts to decide on what to focus on in their decision making.

Cost effective

Outsourcing focus group transcription services is cost effective. This is because the professional providers of the transcription services are committed in offering high quality transcripts at the best rates. In this case, the business owner does not need to hire an extra staff to carry out the transcription tasks for the focus group meetings and discussions as the transcription company takes the responsibility for the whole process at affordable fee.

Unbiased opinion highlights

When focus group transcription services are outsourced, the opinions are highlighted in an unbiased manner. This is because the transcriptionist does not belong to the business company having the focus group meeting and discussions hence not influenced by any of the participants or a certain way of thinking. This helps in identifying the ideal ideas that leads to informed and right decision making process.

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