Ground Rules of Thesis Writing

There are a number of important issues that determine whether university students will present a well written thesis. Below you will find some of the basic rules that the students need to borrow from if they want to earn appreciation from the professionals who will be evaluating the papers.

Study the thesis that needs to be presented

a) An analytical thesis is normally divided into different sections. Partitioned content is then researched and explored and findings presented to an audience.

b) An explanatory (expository) thesis is a study where everything is made known in detail to the reader.

c) An argumentative thesis with supportive evidence in its format has claims that are normally presented in such a way that the audience will be convinced. The aim of such papers is to ensure that the audience agrees totally with what the writer has to say.

When the thesis does not take up any of the above formats, it is just a narrative. The writer therefore has to mention precisely the modalities of the paper in the first paragraph. This helps the reader to know what it is all about.

Content of the thesis should be specific and precise and at the same time should be in line with the topic that has been mentioned.

At the end of the first paragraph, it should have the thesis statement. In case there are any changes as you continue to write, make sure that they are reflected in the thesis statement.

Examples of thesis statements

An analytical thesis statement

“An analysis of the politicians in the election fray reveals one challenge facing the electorate: voting for inexperienced candidates or the ones who are experienced but corrupt.”

The paper would read as:

Explain an analysis of the upcoming elections

Explain the challenges that the voters face

An explanatory (expository) thesis statement

“The politicians visit the villages only during elections; the rest of the time is spent on manipulation and deceit.”

The paper would read as follows

Present an argument with the evidence that will be used to support the claim that the politicians usually do not serve the electorate that elected them in the first place. More on thesis transcription

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