Benefits of audio transcription services

Audio Transcription Services are involved with the conversion of recorded information (sound from audio or video files) into transcripts (written version of spoken words).

That is, a professional audio transcriptionist (either a human typist skilled to do so, or just a computer program as we have these days), listens to the sound from an audio or video file and puts into words, everything said by the speaker. Usually, the type of transcription required would be indicated based on the following guidelines for the audio transcription:

1. Alterations in sentences to correct grammatical errors, and/or
2. Words to be omitted.

Audio transcription itself has been classified into three, they are;

1. Non Verbatim Transcription Services,
2. Verbatim Transcription Services, and
3. Intelligent Verbatim Services.

Non Verbatim Transcription is designed to omit false starts and sentence filers such as; “uh”, “uhm”, “You Know”, “like”, “You know what I mean” etc, all repeated words, stutters and stammers and all non standard languages.

Verbatim Transcription Services, as the name implies, dubs the sounds, word for word. It will includes those words or expressions normally excluded from the non verbatim transcription. Even adding action sounds such as throat clearing, coughing, and details of disruptions.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription excludes all “ums”, “uhs” and “ers” unless at the beginning of a sentence. False starts, all filers such as ” You Know “, ” like “, You know what I mean” etc, all repeated words unless repeated for prominence, all stutters and stammers, are also excluded. But it includes the non standard languages.

Verbatim audio transcription are required in various professional operations such as;

1. In court: Legal records needs Verbatim transcription services for maintaining accurate court records
2. In Insurance: Most of the insurance needs verbatim transcription for preserving accurate insurance claims
3. In Healthcare Research: Nowadays, it has become a common data management strategy and considered as an integral part for analysis and interpretation of verbal data.
4. In the Jornalism: press reports are often collected in form of voice recordings which often need to be transcribed.
5. Educational transcription is the process used by students to convert audio recorded lectures delivered by deans, professors, teachers, lecturers etc. at classrooms and halls of universities, colleges, schools etc., or at seminars, and field trips.

Back in the days, before computers and their utility programmes became regular household appliances, transcription was a difficult job, as it was mainly performed by appropriately skilled office secretaries or journalists who had to write down the speech as they heard it using advanced skills, like shorthand. The introduction of cassettes tape and portable recording devices made the work a lot easier and new possibilities emerged. These Cassettes were small pieces that could be mailed within locations which meant that for the first time, transcriptionists could have the work brought to them in their offices or homes.

But then, with the advent of the Internet and it’s business scopes, the high demand for Audio transcription services, has made necessary the accretion of websites specilised in transcription services. With a typical site charging up to 2.5USD per minute of audio sound transcribed.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Benefits derived in business by availing audio transcription services

Audio transcription according to layman terms is regarded to be that service that is involved in having information present in audio format to be converted to another format that is generally some digital word document type. Audio file that is regarded to be the source can be any type of audio recording of over two or so parties existing in the conversation. It can be recordings of consumer groups, business meetings, product presentations as well as recordings related to classroom interactions between faculty and students.

Audio formats

The general formats in which the individual is bound to come in contact with audio files are regarded to be similar formats, in which well known music collection is, such as wma and mp3. The other used formats are wav and mov. Audio format however, is not a limitation in the real sense, except in some rare scenarios, since all such formats are said to be inter-convertible with minimum losses taking place between conversions.

Why businesses require audio to be transcribed?

Two possible reasons can be thought of when trying to understand as to why business establishments require audio transcription services. The state law may require organizations to maintain documentations related to key conversations. At times, organizations might have drafted their internal policies that need them to keep track of documented files that are related to meetings and conversations. Nevertheless, most organizations eventually would come to having some type of transcription service necessities.

Requirement for audio typing

Many business establishments, either for meeting state legal requirements or internal company policies, are needed to maintain audio transaction documents. Such audio documents are to be used later on for intentions to maintain reviewing or recording a discussion.

It is possible for the organization to handle in-house audio type sounds as required by it. It can be said with great confidence that there is much more towards transcription, than what meets the eye. Audio which comprises source information and in requirement of transcription could have plenty of things wrong in it.

Also, the audio can contain plenty of noise with pieces and bits going missing. Recorded audio may not be audible clearly. Speakers can have odd accent and there could be sudden increase in transcription requirements and in-house department might not be able to keep up with it.

Most of the issues can be done away with, by hiring audio transcription services, who are known to make use of state-of-the-art equipments, assuring clients of necessary security with regards to information of their clients. Moreover, they are well trained and experts in the domain, who can be expected to complete their task quickly.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

An overview of digital transcription services

There are many people who could be researching on a particular subject, which would require them to conduct interviews in details. A hand-held digital recorder can prove to be ideal for the purpose, since they are easier to manage, compact and offer the individual with crystal clear recordings. As the interviews get completed, the transcripts are to be made ready. It means, the audio taped interviews need to be converted to properly formatted texts. However, there are other things to be performed like secondary data collection, literature review and the like. This is where digital transcription services come into the picture and selecting one can prove to be a wise decision. The transcription professionals provide their clients with precise transcripts within a short period of time, thereby leaving them with plenty of time to undertake other tasks, without any worry.

How digital transcription services function?

Transcription professionals offer their clients with numerous choices for sending the digital recordings to their email, browser based encrypted file transfer, upload to secure File Transfer Protocol server. Partnering with an experienced, knowledgeable and qualified service provider can help the individual to get excellent transcript quality. The files are sure to be up to around 99% precise, since the professionals are likely to have stringent quality checking parameters in place for ensuring it. With regards to grammar, language and subject, there are sure to be no issues, since they have experienced and trained personnel to perform the transcription. Files would be formatted as specified, being delivered within time to meet client deadlines.

Other essential features provided by digital transcription services

  • Appropriate handling of video and audio files submitted in different formats
  • The qualified team helps the client to get the work completed quickly.
  • Bright verbatim transcripts that did not include unwanted utterances, noises and slang.
  • Time stamping.
  • Capability to transcribe files and accents accurately using multiple speakers.
  • Facility towards editing files at the time of transcription procedure
  • Auto search & printing ability
  • Free trial
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Complete document flow management


Apart from highly competitive pricing, the transcription professionals are likely to offer their clients with fabulous discounts on the digital transcription work rendered by them to students. Individuals can now be confident enough to present the unique research paper which definitely can leave a huge impact on the audience.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

4 reasons you should hire professional audio transcription services

Audio transcription may seem to be an easy task apparently but it is certainly a task to be carried out with responsibility. You would want the transcription to be 100% accurate so that you could use the text for a variety of purposes. As audio files run the risk of being damaged more easily than text ones, many companies are having interviews, podcasts, conference calls, etc. transcribed. The below paragraphs explain why a professional audio transcription service is best for interview transcription, telephone transcription, conference call transcription, and so on.

1. Get transcription done from experts

Companies dedicated to providing audio transcription services use exceptional tools for doing their job. These tools make the audio clear making it easier to understand and put into text format. If you did the job in-house without the use of these tools, your employee might interpret the audio incorrectly creating major flaws in the text. Inaccurate interpretation could be especially detrimental if the audio involved your client. Your client could blame you for twisting facts. With conference call transcription and telephone transcription services, you will not have to jeopardize your reputation.

2. Economically feasible for your company

Of course, when you do not wish to compromise on the quality of output, you company will need to invest on transcription equipment, software, professional/s as well as be ready to provide space for accommodating all of the above. Indeed, the investment will not be economical and your mainstream business may be affected. On the other hand, by outsourcing audio transcription, you can avoid such an unnecessary expense. The transcription services are economical and because of heavy competition, they offer competitive rates. If you have regular transcription work, then you could even choose to purchase a package and bring the costs down further.

3. Unclear audio files are also accepted

On many occasions, due to unknown/known factors the audio of an interview, call, conference call etc. does not have clarity. In such a situation, you need expert help. Professional audio transcriptionists have access to latest tools, using which they can remove elements causing ambiguity and listen to the audio properly. It ensures that even an unclear audio file gets transcribed perfectly.

4. Fast and on time delivery of product

When you hire professional transcription services for interview transcription, telephone transcription, etc., you can be sure of on time delivery. The expert transcriptionists pay complete attention to each audio file, which ensures accuracy and fast output. In case, you are in a rush, you could receive the transcription is as little as 24 hours with the guarantee of accuracy intact.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Use of Transcriber – Asides for Unclear Portions of Audio Files

The audibility of the recorded audio file can be blocked by the presence of noise or mumbles when the speaker is talking. This makes it challenging for the transcriber to hear clearly the words spoken in that portion. This becomes more complicated if the transcriptionist is required to provide verbatim transcription. Though the one recording might have put in place measures to ensure that there is no or minimal interruptions, sometimes some background sounds and interruptions resulting from the speaker are unavoidable. Making use of transcriber-asides can help the reader of the transcript to understand the context after being alerted of the presence of noise that hindered clear hearing. Here are some of the transcriber-asides that one can make use of on the typed text.

Background noise/sounds

This transcriber-aside is indicated on the portion of the text that was not audible enough due to background noise or sounds. The background noise may be caused by a passing plane, motor cycle, train or wind that makes other things to produce some noise. In addition, sneezing and coughing can amount to background noise. This might make it impossible for the transcriber to hear the response or comment of a speaker.

Audio Glitch

Audio glitch results from a technical hitch in the recording devices. This might cause a blank space where the speakers are not heard at all. This is uncontrollable if it happens during recording.

Laughter or sobs

At times the interview might evoke emotions from the participants leading to loud laughter or sobs. It is important to indicate this type of transcriber-aside as the respondent might continue to speak amid sobs or laughter hence interfering with audibility of a particular section of the audio file.

Many Voices

Many voices results from several people speaking at the same time. This happens mostly in brainstorming business meetings when all the participants want to give their views and comments on a certain topic. This hinders the transcriptionist from hearing what each of them is saying due to noise created from many voices.

? [question mark]

This type of transcriber-aside is used to indicate parts of the file that are unclear. In this case, the speaker might have uttered a word or made a sound that the transcriptionist can guess the real word or sound but yet not being sure about it.


Unintelligible transcribe-aside is used to notify the reader about a section of the audio file that is not audible. This can be due to the accent of the speaker that might be too deep at that point, mumbling or fast speaking at a certain section. This notifies the reader that no matter how many times the transcriptionist revisited the section, one could not grasp the words in that section.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Transcription is Ideal in Making Video and Audio Files Visible

Transcription is the ideal way of making the audio and video files visible in the internet. It is important to appreciate that online market has become a center for sales of products and services. This has been caused by the development in technology that has made it possible for one to advertise their services and brands to a multitude of internet users while transactions are made online. However, online market has experienced stiff competition hence it is important for the marketing materials posted to be made visible. In this case, transcription of the audio and video files is instrumental in making them visible to all. There are many factors that prevent the recorded files to be visible to a multitude of web visitors. They include;

Lack of modern web browsers

Video and audio files posted in the website can only be viewed from a supported browser. It is important to bear in mind that not all target audience have access to the modern browsers such as tablets and other advanced mobile devices. This means that when they access the website with their unsupported devises, they cannot view the audio and video files posted in it. Therefore, it is advisable to have the recorded files transcribed such that the text form equivalent to the audio and video contents will be accessible through those devices.

Restricted employees

Most firms focus on the amount of returns against the time available an approach that puts a lot of pressure to the employees. As a result, the employees are denied the chance to view the videos, audio or podcasts posted on specific sites that are relevant to the business deals they are handling. This explains why they are likely to bypass the videos and audio files rich in materials they are looking for and settle for the written text as it is all they are allowed to view. Thus, transcribing these files makes the materials available to them as well.

Limited time and concentration

Online market is a very dynamic place that requires swift actions every time. This translates to limited time that one has to do marketing research about an item they need. In addition, low concentration span results to an individual not taking time to view a video or listen to an audio file. It should be noted that reading posted texts is faster than viewing a video or listening to an audio file. This is why it is advisable to have an equivalent of audio or video file available in text form through transcription for those with limited time or low concentration span due to varying reasons to access.

All these factors calls for transcription services in order to make the audio and video files visible to all internet users.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.