Why you should Consider Web Video Transcripts & Captions

Web video transcripts and captions are popular ways of enhancing SEO that drives the traffic in the website. This makes the online business successful as a multitude of web visitors are directed into your site. This is made successful by transcription of the video and audio files posted in the website. It is believed that the videos accounts for up to 40-50% of the web search results. Transcribing these videos would increase accessibility as many may not view the videos because of various reasons. Here are the reasons as to why you need to consider web video transcripts and captions in your online business.

Breaks accessibility barriers

Web video transcripts and captions breaks the accessibility barriers that might be blocking many from viewing the posted videos. These barriers are brought about by the individual differences that include visual and audio impairment that makes it difficult for one to watch a video or listen to what the characters in the video are saying. Also, inadequate time blocks many from watching a full video clip and captions. Transcription of video and captions posted online makes it easy for those with audio impairment to read through the text provided while those with partial visual impairment can magnify the text hence reading the contents. In addition, the text form provides enough information for those without enough time to scan through the contents hence making an informed decision.

SEO enhancement

The journey to success for every online business owner is to have enhanced SEO. When the search engines are optimized in the website, the sales are increased as the ranking of the website in the major search engines improves. SEO is enhanced through web video transcripts and captions. It is important to note that the videos posted online cannot Enhance SEO. However, having video transcripts and captions allows for use of specific keywords hence fueling the SEO of the website. This draws many web visitors into the site hence enhanced business.

Promotes creation of contents

Web contents posted in different pages of the website promotes SEO and provides detailed information about the services and products being traded in the website. These contents can be created in form of articles derived from the web video transcripts and captions. This is because the transcripts help in generating keywords that are essential in writing of blogs, whitepapers as well as how-to articles.

Facilitates deep links

Deep links are facilitated by posting of the captions especially in the YouTube. This is made possible by the phrases transcribed in the web video such that if one types in the specific phrase at a specific time a link is created that redirects the person to the video. This makes the videos easy to access online hence making the website known to many through web video transcripts and captions. More on video transcription.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Transcription is Ideal in Making Video and Audio Files Visible

Transcription is the ideal way of making the audio and video files visible in the internet. It is important to appreciate that online market has become a center for sales of products and services. This has been caused by the development in technology that has made it possible for one to advertise their services and brands to a multitude of internet users while transactions are made online. However, online market has experienced stiff competition hence it is important for the marketing materials posted to be made visible. In this case, transcription of the audio and video files is instrumental in making them visible to all. There are many factors that prevent the recorded files to be visible to a multitude of web visitors. They include;

Lack of modern web browsers

Video and audio files posted in the website can only be viewed from a supported browser. It is important to bear in mind that not all target audience have access to the modern browsers such as tablets and other advanced mobile devices. This means that when they access the website with their unsupported devises, they cannot view the audio and video files posted in it. Therefore, it is advisable to have the recorded files transcribed such that the text form equivalent to the audio and video contents will be accessible through those devices.

Restricted employees

Most firms focus on the amount of returns against the time available an approach that puts a lot of pressure to the employees. As a result, the employees are denied the chance to view the videos, audio or podcasts posted on specific sites that are relevant to the business deals they are handling. This explains why they are likely to bypass the videos and audio files rich in materials they are looking for and settle for the written text as it is all they are allowed to view. Thus, transcribing these files makes the materials available to them as well.

Limited time and concentration

Online market is a very dynamic place that requires swift actions every time. This translates to limited time that one has to do marketing research about an item they need. In addition, low concentration span results to an individual not taking time to view a video or listen to an audio file. It should be noted that reading posted texts is faster than viewing a video or listening to an audio file. This is why it is advisable to have an equivalent of audio or video file available in text form through transcription for those with limited time or low concentration span due to varying reasons to access.

All these factors calls for transcription services in order to make the audio and video files visible to all internet users.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Why Transcribe Web Video

Video transcription has become popular in the recent past. This is because video has been identified as the most effective marketing tool in the online business. It should be remembered that when the web visitors sees an image the retention rate is higher than the written text. Well, a video is a combination of numerous images hence being an attraction for many web users. However, the Web Content Accessibility Laws requires that the audio and video contents must have an equivalent of the written text. Apart from complying with the law, when the non-test materials are transcribed, they are likely to attract a multitude of potential customers as the understanding and accessibility is enhanced. Here are the top reasons as to why transcription process is worthwhile for web videos.

Set standards

At the wake of booming online market in which services, brands and information are posted, it is vital to make the websites accessible to people from all walks of life. Online market makes buying and selling easier hence a big shift from offline market as one can order for items and services just by a click of the button regardless of the location and time. However, the mode of marketing can block some from accessing the much needed products, services and information from the internet especially those with visual or audio impairment. This has prompted the Web Content Accessibility laws to be effected hence compelling all the websites to have the video contents transcribed. This allows those with disability to access the information they need from the website. A good example is the UK’s Disabilities Discrimination Act (1995).

SEO enhancement

The web traffic is fueled by the texts with the keywords that are accepted by the Google search engines. When a video is posted on the website, it cannot be ranked in the search engines hence people can view it but it does not attract the web visitors into the site. Therefore, it is important to have the video transcribed using the selected keywords that have the potential to have high ranking in the Google for SEO purposes. When the transcribed materials are posted in the website, they attract a multitude of web visitors hence increasing the web traffic. This translates to increased sales.

Capture varying preferences

Web visitors are numerous and different from each other. Just like hobbies differ from one person to another so are the likes of the online users. There are those who love watching videos while other prefers reading well written and interesting articles. When you post a video that is not transcribed, you simply lock out the potential customers whose passion is reading. Therefore, it is important to have the transcription of the web videos in the website in order to capture people of all tastes.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Best Online Tools for Video Transcription

In order to make the video transcription successful, one needs to have the right tools. There is software designed to make the audio transcription simple and efficient. These tools are available online and easy to use making the transcription job faster and accurate. When the transcription is done without using these tools, the quality is likely to be compromised as important parts of the audio from the video are missed out. This creates a disparity between the video and the contents in text form derived from it. Transcription is required in major fields where original meaning of the words has to be retained and clearly written. These fields include the business, legal and medical among others. Here are the top tools available online for quality video transcription.

Voice Walker

Voice Walker is an important tool that controls the audio or video play. In this case, one runs through the video or audio files without having to make use of the foot pedal which can be inconveniencing. In addition when using the voice walker, one is able to play back the different segments repeatedly without losing the track. This ensures that all the parts of the video or audio are captured in the transcription.



Video or audio transcription requires certain speed in order to capture all the parts in the contents to be made. The scrivener comes in handy in allowing easy transcription as it gives efficient audio control while providing keyboard shortcuts. It is classified among the word processing software that is flexible and efficient in its role. When using the scrivener, the transcriptionist is able to efficiently go back and forth into the segments of the audio or video by fast stroking the shortcuts provided on the keyboard. This tool makes the transcription job a walk in the park and enhances quality of the contents generated from the video or audio file.

Sound Writer

This is a must to have tool as it gives a link between a particular transcription and the video or audio segment that match to it. This tool plays a vital function that allows the user to access the video or audio part through the transcribed work. This tool is essential when working with intonations and overlapping speech among other complicated audio parts. For example, when one clicks on the transcription text, the video or audio segment related to that text is played automatically. This eliminates the hustle and bustle of tracing the particular part in the audio file or video segment manually.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Advantages of Employing a Video Transcription Service

The use of images and video has become popular in the online industry replacing the use of text alone to convey the desired message. The use of video has proved to attract more web users compared to when they would be required to read texts. However, though videos are captivating they do not enhance the search engine ranking as the written texts does. This has lead to the need for video transcription in different niches. This is the art of having some texts that describe the video by the use of keywords that are likely to be captured by the search engines. This requires the intervention of a skilled person in video transcription. This is a professional who can break the file in to segments of words that are SEO friendly while retaining the original meaning of the video and ensuring quality. Here are the benefits of using video transcription service.

Save time for post production

Video transcription is done in order to enhance search engine ranking. This becomes beneficial to the website if the transcription is available timely for Google indexing. The video transcription service helps in saving the post production time hence having the text ready within a short period of time. In addition, one ends up spending less for this service and reduces incidences of loss in the business caused by delayed posts. Therefore, the transcription service leads to less time for production, less expenditures, minimal losses and timely Google ranking.

Varying catchy contents

Engaging video transcription services helps in creating varying contents that increases the web traffic into the website. Transcription allows for quality blog writing, captivating press releases and descriptive how to articles. These are roles that a video transcription service provider can perform.

Keyword search

When one uses video transcription services, they are able to get rich keywords that are easily indexed in the popular search engines. In this case, one comes up with viable phrases that the web visitors are likely to type in order to access the web page. The service provider makes use of the video to come up with keyword rich articles, snippets and captions that are highly indexed by Google. These keywords lead the majority of the web visitors to the websites hence increasing the traffic.

Easy video content retrieval

Video transcription services makes the archiving of the contents related to video easy. Thus, one can easily retrieve the contents of the video in written form other than having to go the long process of watching the full video.

Access by many

It is important to remember that majority of web visitors use the scanning methods to get the needed information. Therefore, having the contents of the video in text form allows the web visitors to scan through the materials provided and making decisions based on that. Video transcription service increases accessibility by 40-80% hence high levels of engagement.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

Extract audio files from video for transcription

Video tape or electronic video files can be defined as video. Digital video files can be used to extract digital audio files which are then transcribed. For easier transcription an intermediate audio tape is made from video tape transcriptions. There are several more formats and standards that can be converted but with a slightly longer lead time.

For video tapes (NTSC) then the formats include

  • VHS
  • SVHS
  • 8mm
  • Hi8
  • digital 8
  • Beta
  • ¼ inch

With digital video the formats can include

  • WMV
  • MPG
  • MPEG
  • MP4
  • FLV
  • Quick time files
  • AVI
  • DVD
  • Real video
  • VOB

Digital/Tapeless/Phone-In Dictation

Digital dictation and transcription have become the most common in the industry. They are replacing the hand held tape recorders. One can use a hand held recorder that has stores the dictation in memory modules or a phone-in dictation systems.

The initial digital recorders capture audio in proprietary formats which are difficult to convert using conversion machines which do not support their proprietary software. Devices produced after 2009 can create files in several standard file formats like MP3, MP4 and WMA.

It is encouraged that one considers phone-in dictation as it has several advantages. Transcription wave also has the capacity to download audio files for transcription, we can also transcribe from voicemail, devices and other digital transcription services.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.