Professional Transcription for Video Files: Why Hire Transcriptionwave

Professional transcription for video files is the primary mandate of Transcriptionwave. We know that it is possible for you to transcribe a video file by use of voice recognition software and other means available out there. We have established from the experienced shared by some of our clients who ever tried making use of voice recognition software and from the experiments we have done with our team of experts that it provides inaccurate transcriptions. Apart from inaccuracy there are other issues that make it wise to opt for professional transcription from a company with a clean track record in providing transcription services to organizations and individual clients as well. Here are reasons as to why you should choose Transcriptionwave.

Timely delivery

Are you in need of urgent video transcription services? Well, this is exactly why you should contact Transcriptionwave. We provide video transcription services with quick turnarounds that beat the tight time limit at hand. We wish to bring to you attention that trying to transcribe a video file takes a lot of time. This may inconvenience you as you might not meet the deadline that is already tight or even loss control of other important businesses that you need to attend to. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust the video transcription to us for timely delivery.

Superior quality

At Transcriptionwave we are committed to providing video transcriptions of superior quality. When you decide on using voice recognition software, you will have a transcript of very low quality. This will not help in achieving the intended goals through the video transcription. This is why we are available to transcribe videos for the organizations and individual clients to ensure that everyone gets access to a high quality transcription that leads to realization of business, academic and individual goals of our clients. To ensure that the complete transcripts meet the desired quality, we have a team of skilled and experienced transcriptionists who makes use of manual method to transcribe. In addition, the complete work is reviewed by the quality assurance team.

Cost effective

Cost of transcription services is not merely evaluated by looking at the cumulative amount charged for the services. Instead, the cost should be based on the amount charged for the services, time factor and the quality of the completed scripts. As the proverbial saying goes that cheap is expensive, we make sure that we shield our customers from falling play to cheap transcription services that might end up being the most expensive venture by balancing all the three aspects of time, quality and cost. Our costs are designed to suit any standard budget that even makes the transcription services affordable for the students.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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