Best Online Tools for Video Transcription

In order to make the video transcription successful, one needs to have the right tools. There is software designed to make the audio transcription simple and efficient. These tools are available online and easy to use making the transcription job faster and accurate. When the transcription is done without using these tools, the quality is likely to be compromised as important parts of the audio from the video are missed out. This creates a disparity between the video and the contents in text form derived from it. Transcription is required in major fields where original meaning of the words has to be retained and clearly written. These fields include the business, legal and medical among others. Here are the top tools available online for quality video transcription.

Voice Walker

Voice Walker is an important tool that controls the audio or video play. In this case, one runs through the video or audio files without having to make use of the foot pedal which can be inconveniencing. In addition when using the voice walker, one is able to play back the different segments repeatedly without losing the track. This ensures that all the parts of the video or audio are captured in the transcription.



Video or audio transcription requires certain speed in order to capture all the parts in the contents to be made. The scrivener comes in handy in allowing easy transcription as it gives efficient audio control while providing keyboard shortcuts. It is classified among the word processing software that is flexible and efficient in its role. When using the scrivener, the transcriptionist is able to efficiently go back and forth into the segments of the audio or video by fast stroking the shortcuts provided on the keyboard. This tool makes the transcription job a walk in the park and enhances quality of the contents generated from the video or audio file.

Sound Writer

This is a must to have tool as it gives a link between a particular transcription and the video or audio segment that match to it. This tool plays a vital function that allows the user to access the video or audio part through the transcribed work. This tool is essential when working with intonations and overlapping speech among other complicated audio parts. For example, when one clicks on the transcription text, the video or audio segment related to that text is played automatically. This eliminates the hustle and bustle of tracing the particular part in the audio file or video segment manually.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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