Advantages of Employing a Video Transcription Service

The use of images and video has become popular in the online industry replacing the use of text alone to convey the desired message. The use of video has proved to attract more web users compared to when they would be required to read texts. However, though videos are captivating they do not enhance the search engine ranking as the written texts does. This has lead to the need for video transcription in different niches. This is the art of having some texts that describe the video by the use of keywords that are likely to be captured by the search engines. This requires the intervention of a skilled person in video transcription. This is a professional who can break the file in to segments of words that are SEO friendly while retaining the original meaning of the video and ensuring quality. Here are the benefits of using video transcription service.

Save time for post production

Video transcription is done in order to enhance search engine ranking. This becomes beneficial to the website if the transcription is available timely for Google indexing. The video transcription service helps in saving the post production time hence having the text ready within a short period of time. In addition, one ends up spending less for this service and reduces incidences of loss in the business caused by delayed posts. Therefore, the transcription service leads to less time for production, less expenditures, minimal losses and timely Google ranking.

Varying catchy contents

Engaging video transcription services helps in creating varying contents that increases the web traffic into the website. Transcription allows for quality blog writing, captivating press releases and descriptive how to articles. These are roles that a video transcription service provider can perform.

Keyword search

When one uses video transcription services, they are able to get rich keywords that are easily indexed in the popular search engines. In this case, one comes up with viable phrases that the web visitors are likely to type in order to access the web page. The service provider makes use of the video to come up with keyword rich articles, snippets and captions that are highly indexed by Google. These keywords lead the majority of the web visitors to the websites hence increasing the traffic.

Easy video content retrieval

Video transcription services makes the archiving of the contents related to video easy. Thus, one can easily retrieve the contents of the video in written form other than having to go the long process of watching the full video.

Access by many

It is important to remember that majority of web visitors use the scanning methods to get the needed information. Therefore, having the contents of the video in text form allows the web visitors to scan through the materials provided and making decisions based on that. Video transcription service increases accessibility by 40-80% hence high levels of engagement.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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