Why Transcribe Web Video

Video transcription has become popular in the recent past. This is because video has been identified as the most effective marketing tool in the online business. It should be remembered that when the web visitors sees an image the retention rate is higher than the written text. Well, a video is a combination of numerous images hence being an attraction for many web users. However, the Web Content Accessibility Laws requires that the audio and video contents must have an equivalent of the written text. Apart from complying with the law, when the non-test materials are transcribed, they are likely to attract a multitude of potential customers as the understanding and accessibility is enhanced. Here are the top reasons as to why transcription process is worthwhile for web videos.

Set standards

At the wake of booming online market in which services, brands and information are posted, it is vital to make the websites accessible to people from all walks of life. Online market makes buying and selling easier hence a big shift from offline market as one can order for items and services just by a click of the button regardless of the location and time. However, the mode of marketing can block some from accessing the much needed products, services and information from the internet especially those with visual or audio impairment. This has prompted the Web Content Accessibility laws to be effected hence compelling all the websites to have the video contents transcribed. This allows those with disability to access the information they need from the website. A good example is the UK’s Disabilities Discrimination Act (1995).

SEO enhancement

The web traffic is fueled by the texts with the keywords that are accepted by the Google search engines. When a video is posted on the website, it cannot be ranked in the search engines hence people can view it but it does not attract the web visitors into the site. Therefore, it is important to have the video transcribed using the selected keywords that have the potential to have high ranking in the Google for SEO purposes. When the transcribed materials are posted in the website, they attract a multitude of web visitors hence increasing the web traffic. This translates to increased sales.

Capture varying preferences

Web visitors are numerous and different from each other. Just like hobbies differ from one person to another so are the likes of the online users. There are those who love watching videos while other prefers reading well written and interesting articles. When you post a video that is not transcribed, you simply lock out the potential customers whose passion is reading. Therefore, it is important to have the transcription of the web videos in the website in order to capture people of all tastes.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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