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Conference Transcription Services

In a global scenario, conferences and seminars conducted in any field at regional, national or international levels gain more audience when you generate transcripts of the proceedings and circulate them.

Why Choose our Conference Transcription Services

The forums may consist of a single speaker, keynote addresses, panel discussions, concluding sessions, etc. Needless to say that clear, accurate transcription generates authentic records for better impact and for the sake of posterity. It is, therefore, important that even at the planning stage of a conference or seminar, the organizers should entrust the transcription work to a reliable outsourcing agency like Transcriptionwave.

conference transcription services
conference transcription

Take for example, an international conference on a medical specialty field where latest research findings and case histories are shared and exchanged among people of different nationalities, speaking in assorted languages. Their varying accents and dictions should not be lost on the audience as they may not have the required clarity at the time of delivery. It will be left to experienced transcriptionists to decipher the details and nuances of all such presentations and discussions and make them available to the participants by way of accurate transcripts of the proceedings.

We are on the regular outsourcing panel of many United Nations sponsored organizations, based in New York and Geneva. Such transcription assignments are notified in advance, enabling us to specially train our transcriptionists on the subject of the conference and deploy them to transfer the audio and video content to neat error-free transcripts within the required turnaround time so that all participants can have the text version of the proceedings obtained as record even before the closing of the event.

Our vast experience in transcribing conference and seminars worldwide could even be put to good use and help you plan any event to the last detail. All you need to do is access our 24 x 7 x 365 days support team based in USA and a package deal can be put in place way ahead of the dates to enable you concentrate more on the contents of the deliberations rather than worry about generating an authentic record of the proceedings.

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