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Transcription Services - Styles

Ultimately, the customer is the final authority to state his requirements and the style of transcription adopted by us will depend largely on such an obvious factor. When treated otherwise, we adhere to either of 4 common forms of transcription styles in our daily endeavor:


Verbatim transcription captures in text the words as they are spoken, including all fillers, repeats, incomplete sentences, random words and even the 'ums' and the 'ers', exclamations, gasps and throat clearing. It represents exactly the live conversation or speech as it happened.

Intelligent Verbatim:

Other types of transcriptions are available which eliminate unnecessary phrases or filler words while maintaining the meaning of what was said. In most situations where audio transcription is being used, the detailed verbatim transcription is not required. A less expensive option will give usually the required level of detail, and produce a transcription which is easier to read. Intelligent Verbatim Transcription, our default transcription format, is a popular client choice and the most cost effective service available. This ensures a full, accurate transcript but omits all the 'ums', 'ahs', repetitions and verbal habits such as excessive use of 'you know' and 'kind of', unless they're relevant to the content.

This style is the preferred choice of customers for a broad range of applications:

  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Business meetings
  • Presentations with Q & A sessions
  • Conferences having a moderator with multiple speakers
  • Q & A workshops with active participation of audience

Choosing Intelligent Verbatim ensure a much easier transcript to read, and significantly cuts down on transcription time.

Content Writing:

The end objective of this style of transcription is to evolve the gist of a discussion. Beginning with grammatical corrections, this form eliminates interruptions from the interviewer, slangs and obvious personal comments.

Quick Take or Rough Draft:

These are more in the form of draft outputs rather than transcripts. The transcriber listens to the audio only once without stopping to rewind and re-listen for verification as in the case of standard, accurate transcripts. In case of hard to hear phrases which are difficult to comprehend, they are labeled "inaudible" and left as such in the transcript.

Regardless of the style adopted, we have a team of experienced editorial staff at to oversee the initial transcription outputs and enhance the accuracy to a standard average level of 98%.

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