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A virtual program transcript, containing dialog and time codes, helps both the producers and networks that intend to broadcast the contents in finished form. It will also be the basic script for all dubbing exercises into various languages as required.
We commonly receive video transcription for a wide range of subjects: from motion pictures to television serials, advertisements to documentaries, educational videos to interviews, training videos to movie trailers and a host of others.
Reality shows are the in thing in television. They are basically unstructured production involving participants who may not be professionals. Preparing transcripts with time coding will help post production stages of editing or in preparing promotional trailers.
A total transcript with continuity can take a detailed form, with dialog, graphics, scene-by-scene descriptions, recaps in television serials, etc. A transcript of this nature can play a vital role in building a movie or serial brick-by-brick, as it were.
All through, as any error content can hamper a smooth production process. We have, of course, trained transcriptionists working for us. And their output goes under the scanner of a senior editorial panel, besides getting a 'once over' by specialists from the film and television medium.

Digital video: Apple Quick Time; MPEG video; Microsoft; MOV movies; WMV; Real Player IVR

Digital Audio: Aac; ADPCM; Aif; ALaw; Asf; Au; CDA; CELP; MP3; Philips Digital; PCM; Real Audio (re, rm); Sanyo Digital; SBC; Sony (msv, dvf) uLaw; VoiceIt (sri) Vox; WAV; Windows Media Audio (WMA)

There is available software for converting DVD data on to a computer. The DVD audio is then converted into MP3 before proceeding with transcription.
Just send us a link of the file or upload it on our server and the rest is easy. The spoken key words in the video can get you the SEO advantage, potentially increasing the visibility of your video multifold.
A video/audio digital media file that can be downloaded from specific websites on to any hand held device like mobile phone and like any other medium, 'podcast' content can also be transcribed and the text version can fetch you an SEO advantage with various search engines.
Of course, documentation of any personal experience of an event can be transcribed. A text version can help in adding subtitles to the documentary or captioning and subtitling for a webcast or podcast.
Windows Media Encoder is an effective tool for content developers to convert both live and prerecorded audio, video and computer screen images to Windows Media Format for on-demand delivery.
SMPTE time codes are a set of prescribed standards that are used in labeling a video or film in a sequence of numeric codes that are generated at regular intervals by a timing system. This is to synchronize material such as captions and subtitles in a recorded media.

That is also easy with alternative ways of doing it. After ensuring the quality of audio recording being sent for transcription, simply choose the upload method for digital files:

By 'drag and drop' the file on to our server, either on the 'regular upload' or 'enhanced upload' mode depending on the size;

By signing up for an FTP account on our server by obtaining a user ID and password from us that can be send in response to your email; and

By forwarding the video cassettes, DVDs or mini discs to our mailing address:


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