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There are countless of glossaries used in the world of movie transcription. A movie or screen play script cannot be compared to a movie or play transcript. These are two very different documents, mainly because the screen play of the play or movie is normally changed and edited during the production stage. The play or movie transcripts on the other hand normally reproduce, in text format, the dialogue found in the final movie or play. A full transcript normally has descriptions of all the events that are found in the movie. Since the terms movie transcript and movie script can be a little bit confusing, transcription service rates one of the best transcription service providers working with business professionals and individuals has shed light on some of the following terminologies:

Closed caption- this is the display of dialogue placed on screen that is very important for those people who have difficulties in hearing.

Subtitles- in the US this word is used to refer to the words that are superimposed over a particular film. They normally represent a translation of the dialogue used by the characters in the movie.

Script- this is a general term that defines written work giving details of the plot of the movie, movie characters, movie setting and the dialogue that will be used for the production of the movie. There are times when it can be used to refer either to a movie transcript or screen play.

Screen play- this is a script that has been written to be produced into a play or movie. It should not be confused with a transcript.

Spec script- this is a script that is normally written on the speculation that it will make huge sales.

Script editing- this is the process of changing and reviewing the script based on input from a number of sources and this is usually done as the movie is being produced.

Shooting script- this is the script that is used to make the movie. It normally includes camera directions and movie scenes among many others

Continuity script- a list of all the events that happen when filming is going on

Movie transcript- a transcription of the conversations held in the movie that has already been produced. It happens in the post production part of the movie. It does not refer to any action, stage directions or the original script.

Closer transcription- detailed transcript with full dialogue

Full post production transcript- has descriptions of all the action in the movie

Film transcript summary- refers to a movie transcript that has been abbreviated.

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