Get your Teleseminar Transcribed

Teleseminar transcription is becoming very popular and some of the reasons why this is so include:

There are very many things that can be done with the transcripts. They can be used a free report that can be handed out to potential customers. It can also be turned into an e- book which can be sold. Costs of the entire transcription can be paid by the sale of a single book depending on the length of the teleseminar as well as price of the book.

Some portions of the transcribed work can also be used on your website. This allows the search engines to pick up keywords that will be used to make it more popular. This also helps to improve the ranks of the website so that it can become more visible.

There are also very many people who prefer to read the transcripts rather than watch or listen to the material that has been posted on your site. Mostly because they would rather be sitting comfortably on a couch as they read the book with a drink of their choice rather than spend time in front of their computers. There are also some who will not find the time to listen to the entire recording and they would rather read the transcript at their own pace. It is usually advisable to offer both the options so that people can choose the ones they are most comfortable with.

Having the transcript material also helps to save the information so that it can be used for reference in the later years. Unlike recorded material which can be destroyed fast so that you end up losing all the material that you had, transcribed material can be used to store the information without any trouble. It can also be used to find some of the details that you are looking for fast without having to go through a pile of recordings to get the material needed.

To ensure you get the best transcripts always carry out a lot of research when looking for the company that will handle the project. Make sure to work with one that has a good reputation as well as turn about time so that you don’t have to wait for many years to get the finished product. You can always get reference from people who have worked with the company before to be on the safe side. It is also important to find one that is cost effective.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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