The Importance of Transcribing a Seminar

Have you ever been in a situation where a reporter came to you to try and have you give a brief description of the proceedings of a seminar several days after the seminar was conducted? Having short notes of a seminar is vital as having an investor make a call to you during the analyzing of the quarterly results of company. These short notes help you explain the information better and also give you a reference to back up your assertions.

Transcripts in seminars come in handy especially to people with impaired hearing. The transcripts also help people who are used to using visual aids instead of presentations in form of audio recordings. With this transcribed notes it is possible to comprehend the key areas of the presentation and also helps you recall the content of the material in a future date. Everyone understands the importance of transcribed material whether it is in finance, media, academia or medical fields.

The demand for seminar transcription services has grown in business as well as other organizations because they have realized the essence of having seminar notes .Seminars take a various forms but the most common ones are the ones chaired by a single or multiple speakers. It is important to determine whether the content of the transcription will capture the speaker’s content or whether it will also involve the interrelations between the people attending the seminar. The speaker’s speech should be well outlined so as to simplify the transcribing process when converting the speeches into text

The translation of multimedia files that were captures during the seminar into text is all what transcription entails. This text could take various formats that include a text document or PDF, Microsoft word format. These seminar transcriptions employ the expertise of quality controllers, transcriptionists, language experts, technicians and proof readers who combine efforts to produce high quality transcripts that are accurate and depict the exact speech, presentation or lecture that are dispensed in the seminar. Agendas should always be given by the organization facilitating the seminar and provision of the definitions to the terminologies being used. This information helps transcriptionists have an upper hand by understanding the terminologies being used in the seminar.

Documents prepared by seminar transcription firms are used in a myriad ways, not only as a reference database but the text can be reformatted in to books, articles or newsletters

The presentations made during the seminar are converted into transcripts that are used in numerous ways including being formatted into books, newsletters and articles. The material can then be used as reference databases.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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