How to Write Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation writing must be done successfully for one to graduate with a PHD in any given university. Many postgraduate students have found the writing process for a dissertation paper hectic making their doctorate studies difficult to complete. However, major challenges in dissertation writing can be eliminated by getting to know the required structure in dissertation methodology. When this knowledge is combined with paying attention to the specific considerations that are to be made, it results to smooth running of the project. Here are some viable tips on how to write dissertation methodology.

Maintain the proper structure

When writing the dissertation methodology, the appropriate structure must be maintained. In the paper there should be five chapters with each having its distinct details though they should all be connected as they are about a single topic. These chapters include:

  • The introduction- It elaborates the topic
  • The literature review- It captures what other scholars have written about after their research
  • The methodology chapter- It seeks to highlight the method that the researcher will use in collecting data and analyze it.
  • The data analysis chapter- It provides a detailed analysis of the collected data from the field
  • The conclusion- This chapter ties all the chapters by use of summarized statements about the findings. If any of the above chapters is missing the researcher cannot go to the next chapter hence an incomplete dissertation paper.

Stick to the guidelines provided

When writing dissertation methodology, the university assigns a supervisor to guide the researcher in the process of writing the paper. The supervisor being an expert provides guidelines that are essential in writing the paper. In this case, the researcher should ensure that they decide on making use of qualitative or quantitative method and being straightforward in their writing, to be clear about the sampling method used in the data collection and the sources for data collection are adequately mentioned as well as citations done appropriately. All these guidelines should be adhered to as directed by the supervisor hence frequent meetings should be done to make the writing process easier.

Make use of dissertation paper samples

Besides the guidance offered by the supervisor, it is important for the individual to make use of dissertation sample papers. These sample research papers are available online some of them being free of charge or at a little fee. Making use of the sample research paper helps in saving the time that would have been used making major corrections hence making the process of writing dissertation methodology simple and successful for better grades.

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