Tips for Writing a Great Dissertation or Thesis

Dissertations or thesis, usually do not have limits that are clearly defined as compared to most graduate requirements since the scope and content usually depends on the writer. This makes it one of the most difficult as well as valuable parts of the graduate program. There are very many students who have a problem with writing the thesis as they usually do not know the right steps to follow to begin or whether they are in the right path once they have started working on it. Below you will find some of the methods that can be used to clear the obstacles once you have collected data.

Create a schedule with the advisor

It is possible to work largely on your own, very closely with the advisor or with other members of the committee depending on his or her philosophies as well as the department’s culture. Talk to the advisor early enough to know the schedule of consulting, writing and meetings that he/she prefers. This will give you a goal that you will work with to make dissertation/thesis process manageable.

Find a writing partner

There are a number of students who find it helpful to work with other students who are also working on the same. This helps to get feedback and exchange chapters that a person might need. This comes in handy especially if the advisor is not able to be with you all the time. It also allows a person to get other opinions that might help them with the writing. It is however important to find students that you can trust and work with easily.

Build up a broad network of support

As much as it is important to work alone while writing the thesis or dissertation it also helps to ask for help when it is needed. Faculty members and other students can be added on to your panel of experts regardless of whether they are in the committee or not. This is because different people answer various questions differently.

Look for many sources of psychological support

There are very many materials that can be used for self help including workshops, books and dissertation coaches. If you look in your graduate office it is possible that you will find a lot of materials on guidelines that will help you work on the thesis/dissertation. You can also get books that you will be making reference to in case there are places you will get stuck. Other important tips include:

  • Coming up with structure
  • Balancing the tasks you have
  • Working in stages
  • Developing the analysis through writing
  • Working consistently
  • Having realistic expectations

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