Audio Transcription and Ergonomics

Take good care of your health while working as a transcriber

It is quite obvious that audio transcription on a daily basis can be stress inducing and tedious. This is because it usually demands countless working hours regardless of whether you are an editor/proofreader or the transcriber. Unlike most jobs other than programming the job requires a person to use the keyboard on the PC at all times. Foot pedals can be used to help the transcriber ignore taking breaks to play and pause the file they are listening to as they can go ahead and type continuously. Most transcribers usually do this so that they can do more work and earn more money. This is commendable but is not good for a person’s health in the long run.

Some of the problems that transcribers experience include back pains, wrist problems and ear pains among many others. This is usually because of the long hours that are spent working. The good news is that some of these problems can be prevented by changing lifestyle to ensure that you remain healthy for the longest time possible. This can be done by:

  1. Equipment – the company that is hiring transcribers should make sure that they buy high quality equipment that will be used for work. This includes ergonomic keyboards, high fidelity headphones and good chairs so that the employees do not start complaining of back problems. You should also invest in the same if you are thinking of working at home to be on the safe side. Avoid sitting on the couch when working as this will bring you problems later on.
  2. Take breaks- this cannot be emphasized enough. The human body should not be subjected to standing or sitting for many hours. It is ideal to walk from your desk after every 30 minutes. This is where you are supposed to get up walk around and stretch. This helps to relieve stress as well as encourage better blood flow. Do not curve the spine into a C shape for long by making sure you have ample cushioning at the lower back.
  3. Exercise- exercising on a regular basis helps to promote a healthy body.
  4. Use of pain killers and ointments- you can get professional help to know the best medicine that will be used for your aching joints. It is however best to stay away from painkillers and use ointments instead. You can also try out bathing with therapeutic bath salts to see if the problem will disappear.
Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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