What You Should Know About Audio Transcription Service providers

Conversion of audio files into text is what is referred to as the audio transcription process. The transcribed file is the output that is put into the designated use. There are a number of companies which specialize in this type of conversion and they offer transcribing services for recorded speeches, digital audio files, audio cassette tapes and dictations. These recordings are transcribed according to the client’s specifications to produce written texts in hard or soft copy format.

The conversion of files from audio to word format is a common need in the market. The complexity of conversion is increasing more with the technological advancement and introduction of the digital media. This technology has led to increase in the requirements when doing transcription. Professionals such as busy executives and lawyers now want their presentations transcribed accurately for future use.

In today’s world research papers and lectures are supposed to be converted into text on a word for word basis for use by students with hearing impairments. Universities have become a major client to the transcribers. The transcribed files are then stored for future reference which has made the audio transcription an important aspect that is applicable in many areas. They can be used in future by people with similar problems that which is why the transcription should be accurate.

Transcriptionists have customized services to cater for the needs of their clients. These services work on various forms of presentations including discussions, speeches, movie, reports, minutes, television serial or manuscript. They produce high quality output efficiently captures the content of various media platforms. These transcription companies often employ the expertise of professionals who are equipped with the skill and experience in converting audio files into text. It is vital to ensure that the confidentiality clause if present between the client and transcriptionist. This is because the files to be converted might be confidential or sensitive and should not be disclosed to third parties. The pricing should also be right in order to create a lasting relationship between the transcriptionist and the client.

A majority of the companies offering transcription services work through the following process:

  • The client contacts them and they pick the clients details.
  • A quotation is sent to the client.
  • Payment is made
  • The audio file is sent by the client
  • The file is converted and the master transcribed file is sent to the client through email for approval
Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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