The Mp3 to Text Conversion Process

Mp3 to text conversion entails listening to audio recordings and transcribing the recorded verbatim as text. Both digital and recordings in non digital format can be transcribed to text. The digital formats accepted for transcription include; Mp3, WAV, WMA and AU among other digital audio formats. VHS and standard tapes are the non digital formats which are also accepted for transcription purposes.

As a client seeking transcription services you can contact us through our website and send us your audio recordings. Consult with us on the formats accepted if you are not sure about the format of your audio recordings. We provide a secure server through which you can send your compressed digital recordings. Once we receive your audio recordings the transcription process commences.

The transcription is carried out according to your formatting specifications other wise we follow our in house document formatting and notation process. The recording will be played back using specialized digital software, in the case of a digital recording, and progressively transcribed to text.

It is important to note that inaudible recordings or recordings with a lot of distortions will normally take longer to transcribe. Indiscernible and inaudible sections of the recordings will be marked with those terms respectively on the completed document.

In the case that we are unsure about words in the recordings we will indicate it in the document using bold font and time stamping. The word document will be formatted using Times New Roman; unless you advice us otherwise. Time coding or stamping is only done upon your request. The document following the US writing and spelling formats.

We do take into account every aspect of the recording and note down each and every verbalized word. If this is not necessary; you can advice us expressly before hand. The words included include pauses and speech sounds like umms, oooh and mmmmh. Interviews will be transcribed in line with the question and answer method. Make sure that you express in which format you would like your interview recordings transcribed in.

Once the transcripts are ready we send them back for your approval. You should consult with us for any changes required; however it is important to communicate all your requirements when initially sending us your audio recordings. We can provide fast turnarounds under special requests and at affordable rates. Our main is to produce quality transcripts, at competitive rates and with the shortest turnarounds. More on mp3 transcription

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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