Getting to Know CCSL

CCSL stands for Combined Continuity Dialogue and spotting List. It is also called the list. This is a fully working and legal document that are used in film. Some may think that this is a script but it is not. These two documents have very distinct differences. A script can undergo a lot of changes before a final draft is finally done. These changes can take place at different levels of the production process even during post production. A script is basically includes dialogue between the actors, their action and movements. It also includes basic descriptions of the scenes to be shot. In most cases the final movie script has very little resemblance to the original shooting script.

On the other hand a Combined Continuity, Dialogue and Spotting List contain all the actual content that are in the film. It is based on the final product. The list is so precise that it can be used in a court if law in case of discrepancies arising after the production. It contains detailed information about the scenes, shots used, dialogue by the actors in each and every scene. The actors’ dialogues are timed and recorded in the list. It also contains all the locations that the movie was shot in. it makes it so much easier to find any information that one may need regarding the production.

In most cases the CCSL varies from the length of the film. It is generally 4 pages per minute meaning it the whole document can end up to having up to 400 pages. This opposed to the shooting script which amounts to only 1 minute per page.

Ending a shoot and editing does not mean that that is the end of your dealings with the production. You have to consider screenings and also distribution. These are done both locally and in foreign countries. CCSL comes in handy during the screening period as it is used to create subtitles. This is necessary especially if the screening is happening in a foreign country that does not understand the language the movie is shot in.

Many films have used the Combined Dialogue, Continuity and Spotting list. More than 2500 major films have used this product. Some of the films that used the CCSL include ‘saw’ and ‘chocolate’.

The CCSL is not limited to local sales only. It is open to selling to other countries. It assures clients of a smooth and hustle free running of their productions.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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