FAQs on Subtitling and Captioning

Some of the questions that people ask frequently about captioning and subtitling that can help you understand the topic more as well as the benefits and importance of subtitles include:

What are subtitles and captions anyway?

Subtitles or closed captions can be defined as the textual equivalent of the audio that has been used in the film. There are companies that work specifically on the subtitle embedding them so that they are easy to read when included in the film.

Why are subtitles or captions included in the films?

There are numerous reasons why this is done including faster comprehension of the entire film. There are some documentaries and films that have storylines that are difficult to follow. It usually helps to have a guide especially if the film is being shown to people who are not experts in the particular field. Captions can be used to show the audience some of the words that they were not familiar with before. A history program or documentary that has a lot of hard works can make use of the subtitles to help make people understand it much better.

In addition to this, it also helps to increase concentration especially to students who are watching something that they need to learn from. It has being proven that people concentrate and find a film interesting if they are able to follow what is going on with ease. Most people will just sleep or switch off the movie if they cannot get what is going on. Subtitles can be used as a guide to help make the film more interesting.

Interactive TV and other similar gadgets that showcase shows or films with the captions are also great for the people who suffer from hearing impairments to follow what is going on.

Who benefits from Subtitles and captions?

Anyone can benefit from these. This is because it helps people to understand a number of snatches and scenes that the might not have understood before.

Hearing impaired people and children also benefit enormously from the subtitles. This is because they enable them to enjoy the films especially if they have issues of poor vocabulary.

Can someone add subtitles to the films on their own?

There are some downloadable and web based tools that can be used to add the captions and subtitles to the films. You can follow guides and tutorials to know how to make use of them. This however us not a simple task as synchronization has to be done in the proper way.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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