Video Marketing Using YouTube Closed Captioning

Video marketing has greatly grown in popularity, because it is one of the mediums used to expose a brand to millions of viewers. Internet marketers who have experience exposing websites and brands using SEO (search engine optimization) have spread their marketing abilities to video sharing platforms found online. YouTube is an online video sharing platforms which is greatly used by internet marketers. This article will explore the use of YouTube’s audio transcription and closed captioning services as video marketing methods.


Video marketing is definitely a field which every business owner should strive to learn. Google has been improving and broaden the scope of search engine results by launching a beta machine for the transcription of online videos. The beta machine is accessible to YouTube and Google, but video owners have to manually upload active transcripts and YouTube closed captioning. It is important to note that these technologies are still relatively in their early stages and the result is still dependent on the clarity of audio accompanying the video. In the end, uploading your own transcript to accompany your YouTube video is the best bet to guarantee accuracy.

The best way to gauge the capabilities of Google transcription is to simply try it out. From your YouTube account select a video and edit it. From the editing options choose caption/subtitles and then download Google’s beta machine to your computer. You will then be able to access the file using note pad or any other text editor to view the contents.

Since Google has now accommodated audio transcripts, it would be beneficial for you to come up with transcripts for your videos. These transcripts will prove to be highly useful, because Google crawler can access them and broaden the reach of your message/brand/website online. The great thing is that you can provide as many transcripts in different languages, to further broaden the reach of your video/website/brand. It is easier to have an English transcript and use Google Translate to create multiple language versions of the transcript.

It is also important to note that not all audio transcription providers will provide closed captioning. You can manually insert time codes to your videos using your Google machine transcription file or an equivalent online service. The transcription might seem like an arduous task and most people generally don’t have time to carry out the task personally. YouTube closed captioning might appear to be technical for some people and in this case the best choice would be to outsource the services of an online marketing service provider. more on YouTube transcription

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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