How to Get Reliable Entertainment Transcription Services

Entertainment transcription has become popular due to advancement of technology. It has become increasingly difficult for the production companies such as television and radio networks to handle production and transcription roles concurrently. This is because the technology is changing fast hence the media production industry has to up the game in order to remain relevant. This is the reason as to why hiring a transcription company has become essential in the media fraternity for them to uphold high quality for great success in the industry. In order to get a reliable entertainment transcription services, the following factors should be considered.


When a production house whether the television or radio company is in the process of hiring a transcription provider, it is advisable to check on confidentiality. It should be remembered that the contents in the entertainment industry should be kept secret till when it is aired live to target audience. Making the contents known before hand would jeopardize the aim of the production house as the competitors can get hold of the contents and owning or using them for promotional purposes. Therefore, it is important to identify a transcription company with tight security against cyber space crimes and core values that enhance confidentially on the information entrusted to them.

Speed and quality

Transcription speed and quality should be considered through the same process. Speed is essential as the files in the entertainment industry need to be launched live within a short span of time since delays even with hours can make the contents irrelevant. In addition, the speed should be go hand in hand with high quality since the contents will be viewed by a multitude of audience using the production house channel. Therefore, the ideal transcription company to partner with should have adequate skilled and experienced transcriptionists who are able to transcribe materials at a racing speed while maintaining the required high quality.

Expertise in varying fields

The entertainment production houses deals with varying programs that are aired at any one given time. This includes the reality television shows, documentaries, films, round the clock news channels, TV talks and other shows some of which requires to be translated in different languages. In this case, the transcription provider should have expertise in transcribing audio and video files in those different areas. In addition, the transcriptionist should have the ability to translate the transcribed materials in different language such that the production company is not forced to source out other professionals to translate the transcripts provided.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.