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Outsourcing road shows transcription services is one of marketing strategies. Road shows are one of the most popular marketing tools for products and services. This entails planned tours in different designated areas with the aim of making the products and services known to the local people. The areas to be covered by the road shows are chosen after a keen process of determining the target customers. Road shows are also ideal for political campaigns slightly before a major election. In this case, the politicians carry out meet the people tour in order to promote their manifesto to them. During a road show, a lot of important proceedings take place that are recorded in audio and video files. Here are the reasons as to why outsourcing road show transcription services for both companies and political parties is important.


Every transcription done on an audio or video file becomes relevant due to its accuracy level. Road shows are marked by rapid talking whereby the speakers may divert from the selected topic as they respond to the queries and requests from the crowd gathered. In addition, noise is inevitable in the road shows proceedings as it is an open forum with vehicles passing by, shouting from the crowd and music from the surrounding places. This makes it difficult for the one transcribing to hear clearly what is being said in the recorded file. However, a professional transcriptionist has the required skills to follow the thought system of the speaker even after an interruption and listen keenly to hear what is said in the midst of noise. This leads to an accurate transcription.

Timely transcription

Road shows should be followed by a strategic plan in the promotion of products and services. These plans are aimed at filling in the gaps identified during the road show promotion tours. The strategic plans are made by examining the gaps that requires replaying the whole recorded road show files. To avoid missing out important details, it is important to have the transcripts of the same at hand to help get the exact words said. Outsourcing transcription services for the road show recorded files helps in getting timely transcriptions as the professional transcriptionists have the required speed to deliver the complete job within the agreed time frame.

Cost effective

It is advisable to identify the right transcription company to outsource the services from way before the promotional tours. In this case did it, once a road show in a specific area is complete the recorded files can be uploaded for the transcriptionist to start working on them. This helps in getting a separate company to handle the transcription services hence allowing the staffs to concentrate on road shows. This reduces the cost as the company does not need to hire and recruit new members to cover the road shows and handle transcription processes.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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