Transcribing Television Shows

Video transcription is essentially the process of transforming video into text format. The transcript in this case contains all the words spoken in the video and in some cases the non-verbal cues as well.

The conversations in a TV show or movie are accurately captured during the video transcription process. The transcription also notes the sound effects accompanying the visuals. These transcriptions are commonly used to subtitle films or TV shows, so that they can be watched and understood by anyone around the globe. Subtitles also help the deaf to enjoy movies and TV shows just like anyone else.

Video transcripts serve a number of other functions, not only for the audience but also for the video production team. During filming of movies or TV shows, producers often have to meet stringent deliverables from networks or studios; hence they produce the transcripts to show the filming progress as well as accurately capture the content and dialogue. Transcripts in this case also help to document camera shots and angles as well as time codes (which are very important during the editing process). Translations are also usually derived from video transcripts, so that diverse translations of the video content can be generated.

Video transcription is not only confined to movies and TV shows; video recordings of commercials, academic sessions, business meetings, songs and interviews can also be transcribed for diverse reasons. These transcripts are often used as references or for documentation purposes in schools, universities and corporate organizations. Transcription has been simplified by digital video formats such as mp4, Quick time, WMV and Real media. Transcripts are also highly useful when it comes to search engine optimization for web casters and pod casters.

Most people upload video transcripts alongside YouTube videos, and thus increase the accessibility of their videos through search engines. The transcript essentially contains the information about a video and search engines such as Google are able to capture certain phrases, which are used to generate the video in Search Engine Results Pages. This means that web users are able to access your video easily and to serve their needs; the video may also at times begin playing at the precise point where the search engine phrase is used.

Video transcription is popularly sort by television networks, film producers, multimedia companies and educational organizations. It is wise to seek the services of a professional transcriptionist because video transcripts require the highest level of accuracy, in order to effectively serve their intended use. More on television transcription.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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