Using Adobe Premiere for Speech Transcription

Other than human labor, it is also possible to transcribe speech into text using Adobe premiere CS4 & sound booth CS4. In addition to this, motion graphics fire power can also be used with the after effects CS4. Speech can be transcribed from a Quicktime video to come up with the subtitles needed. To get this done, you will need:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Creating transcription in Adobe Premiere CS4

Start a new project:

  1. Begin the Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Select New Project from the Welcome Screen
  3. Specify the name and location of the project in the New Project Panel
  4. Click OK
  5. Select DV- NTSC Standard 48 kHz in a New Sequence dialogue box
  6. Click OK

Importing the video clip

  1. Select file > import then move to the clip
  2. Import the video file to the Premiere by double clicking on it
  3. Double click on it once it is on location to have it open at the Source Monitor
  4. Use transport controls in the Source Monitor to view the video for a few seconds. Pay close attention to the audio when doing this to judge whether a good job will be done at the end.

Open MetaData View

  1. Select the Metadata window to see whether it is enabled
  2. Check to see whether it has 3 headings i.e. clip, file and speech.

Creating the Transcription


  1. Ensure the clip has been selected and highlighted on the project panel and proceed to click on the transcribe command.
  2. You will get a number of options where you are supposed to set the appropriate setting according to the content of the video
  3. Select between high quality processing that is usually slower and medium quality processing that is normally faster.
  4. You can select identify speakers if you are dealing with more than one speaker.
  5. Click OK
  6. Adobe Media Encoder handles transcription in Adobe Soundbooth and Adobe Premiere and it launches automatically when you have completed the transcription dialog.
  7. The clip should be set in the correct format when it is loaded into Adobe Media Encoder
  8. Click on Start Queue command
  9. The Encoder encodes the clip while adding the speech transcription metadata on to the video file.

You can work with the new transcription Metadata to correct some of the mistakes made in the transcript.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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