Google Drive gets real as Rivals Prepare for the Invasion

Google drive that has been on people’s mouth for long is set to be launched in the market and if is the real deal, rivals will have to up their game to deal with the strike that will be going their way.

To begin with, Cloudline has been in contact with the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing from Backupify Rob Stevens to head off the great news. DropBox cloud syc/storage darling has introduced a more social and easier feature for its services that link directly to any shared content.

TecCrunch announced that is had already tracked down an OS X that would be used for the service.

Why should people care about this or what should they expect? A leak that claimed that the Google Drive would come with storage of 5 GB was covered. This is however being reported as a ticket once again. The service can also be accessed live for people who are interested in it. Later there will be other webs where it can also be accessed with ease.

Google’s main aim has been to organize the information found in the world reported Rob Steven’s. In the past, it has really not being able to address information that is stored on individual/personal machines rather they usually focus on shared information. Things that were personal before are slowly turning shared. Google docs are one of the examples that show how information is usually shared. A I guess that this is used for siloed information when persons want to move and share it especially when looking for collaboration.

The big question is who are the losers and winners. It may be that Carbonite, Mozy and other online backup providers may choose to offer a backup target approach especially for the low end just like Crashplan offers. This permits the users to send the back up data they have to any destination that they wish to. The low storage that will be used will somehow protect the backup providers. It will also help online users to have backup storage of the material they want ne t photos or music without any problem.

DropBox is one of the web based applications which seem like a real target in this scenario. Its viral and rapid growth shocked Google especially because of the G drive they had. DropBox started strong with about 45 million users. Other professionals like CEO of Huddle Alastair Mitchell also wrote to Cloudline to express his views on the subject.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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